grove34 06:04 18 Apr 2008

ok heres the problem

i have a pc and a laptop

if i login to msn on my laptop i can see and contact everybody on my contact list

if i login on my pc all of my contacts with a email address cannot be contacted at all and if i right click on them i get the option of unblocking them , even though they are not blocked at all if i login usung my laptop , clicking unblock does nothing

both pc and laptop have the latest version of msn live messenger

both also connect through the same router

i'm guessing that as i can see these contacts on the laptop without a problem then its something to do witn my pc , i've uninstalled msn live messenger and done just about everything i can short of formatting the whole thing.

hopefully somebody can help


  johnnyrocker 08:55 18 Apr 2008



  grove34 12:14 18 Apr 2008

i dont think its the firewall , or i wouldnt be able contact everybody else on msn on my pc seems strange how it would block only yahoo contacts

  johnnyrocker 12:16 18 Apr 2008

corse it can be as two machines have or should have seperate firewalls?


  grove34 12:32 18 Apr 2008

yes i understand that but on the pc on msn i can talk to some contacts but not contacts with yahoo addresses

surely if it was a firewall problem then i wouldnt be able to contact any of them , not sure how a firewall could block out half of an msn contact list

  johnnyrocker 12:42 18 Apr 2008

do the yahoo address ones have an msn passport?


  numinbah 02:00 19 Apr 2008

Hi grove 34... Are you running Kaspersky Internet Security If you are read on.

My Browser is Opera I had the same type of problem with Yahoo, I was able to access yahoo's main email logon page but when I tried to get my mail all I got was a dialoge pop up which said The certificate not found and in the same dialoge box and this was higlighted a.248.e If you Google that you will see that something is going on what I,m not sure........Anyway last time i tried to get my mail the same dialoge box appeared and I could not get rid of it. Because I did not want to accept the certificat, I did an alt del delete and it went away. The next thing I did was to pause Kaspersky for a couple of minutes and tried to get my mail I was able to get it. I,m not sure whether my pausing Kaspersky or the alt del delete fixed the problem. But it seems to have gone away..

  rdave13 02:11 19 Apr 2008

Try uninstalling again then run the registry cleaner in Ccleaner. Reboot and re-install from here; click here .

Latest version of Ccleaner; click here

  rdave13 02:14 19 Apr 2008

You should see a popup showing that WLM is repairing installation when you reinstall after the removal of activex through Ccleaner.

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