weird microfilter problem any ideas?

  lelole 16:54 07 May 2004

I have the weirdest problem going on with my broadband,and I can't work out what the problem may be.

I will explain as clearly as I can what the set up was and is, in the hopes that someone can guess the problem...

Since I moved in to this flat, the main phone line has had an extension cable on it, and we have only ever used this extension, and nothing but the double socket to this extension has been in the main point. My ADSL, ran from this extension with the microfilter attached to the extension, as there were no other things attached to the main phone point, and using an alcatel speed touch, everything was fine.

Recently I decided to go wireless, for several reasons, one of which I needed to plug a Tivo into the main phone point and also because I will be getting a wireless enabled laptop and wish to share the connection.

I set the system up with the microfilter attached to the main phone point, and the other lne equipment attached to that. I used a Netgear DG834G wireless modem and router, and a netgear WG121 USB adapter on my PC.

This all worked well for the first 24 hours, but the connection and the phoneline stopped working this afternoon. Basically the problem is this. The phone point and the extension work fine with just phones, ie no microfilter. If there is a microfilter plugged into the main phone point nothing works. If the microfilter is plugged into the extension cord, plugged into the main phone point ecverything works. I have tried this will two different microfilters and both my alcatel and wireless modem and the siruation remains the same.

I have called BT who say there is no fault on my line including on ADSL and voice. I have called pipex, who see no problem either.

You would expect the microfilter to be either faulty, and therefore work nowhere, or for the extension to work direct to main point, but not on extension, but this just flummoxes me. Any ideas would be VERY gratefully recieved!!



  GaT7 23:29 09 May 2004

[Found you on the 10th page so 'bumping' you up for others to offer help. Good luck, G]

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