Weird internet issue

  paulwilko 09:13 09 Jan 2007

I have a weird issue at work.
It would seem it is my pc but dont know what

THere are certain websites i go onto regularly i.e. click here

Sometimes i am straight onto it and sometimes i have to sit and wait for it to load.

If i try the same site on another pc in the office it works straight away.

Any ideas what this could be ?


  wee eddie 09:20 09 Jan 2007

Limited band-width on the target site

More people trying to access the site that it's Server can handle.

  paulwilko 10:15 09 Jan 2007

THx for the reply but as I said on the Original post, if i use a different pc then it is fine.

I am sure its an Spyware type issue but i cant find it !!

  wee eddie 11:23 09 Jan 2007

Timing is all. As the problem, by your own admittance, is intermittent. It could be the above solution.

  Belatucadrus 11:42 09 Jan 2007

Could be a network bottleneck, how many PCs on the LAN ? Assuming it is a LAN.

  paulwilko 11:54 09 Jan 2007

I have a limited knowledge of pc's and networks, but what I do know for a fact is that it is something on my pc that is doing this.

Our LAN consists of 6 PC's and never are they all on the internet at the same time. It i sonly a small office and I know what happens.

I literally would ask someone in the office to goto the website and we press enter at the sametime and i will be stuck waiting for the site to load whilst they would be on it straight away.

There is defo a setting or bit of naughty software on my pc.

Any other thoughts ?



  terryf 11:55 09 Jan 2007

Could it be that your administrator/manager is saying something to you about accessing that type of site when you are supposed to be hard at work :-)

  recap 12:13 09 Jan 2007

Try doing a bit of system house keeping. Delete all cookies, temp internet files and history (unless you require the history).

  spuds 13:42 09 Jan 2007

Sounds as though the computer requires an early spring clean. Doe's the company run a regular maintenance procedure, on 'all or any' of their computer's and IT equipment!.

  paulwilko 14:40 09 Jan 2007

This will be totally my, I assume saomething i have installed or some thing that has installed itself whilst viewing a site has done this.

Looking at these types of sites is for work, or at least thats what i tell myself !!

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