Weird Internet Errors

  Horrand 11:51 28 Jul 2009

Not really sure what's up with my internet but it's been doing it for a while now.

When I load a web page (any site) sometimes my browser will just randomly load any image off the site and stick it somewhere it shouldn't be. Sometimes it'll load a random image and decide that that is all there is to load. And sometimes it'll just load the page source code. Very rarely it'll just load in a large font "It Works!"

It does this on Firefox and IE so surely it isn't a browser issue, and no one else in the house has issues loading pages so I don't think there's something wrong with my router.

I have done a virus scan which found nothing and also a malware scan which found nothing.

I have also ran a winsock fix and changed my dns servers which also didn't fix the issue.

I am really confused and have no idea how to fix this and was just wondering if anyone here has ever heard of/had this happen and if they know how to fix it?

Here's an example of the error:
[img]click here[/img]

I posted a discussion on another forum so for reference it's here: click here


  lotvic 12:42 28 Jul 2009

have a look and see if you've got anything like:
For Example, C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\bin.

  Horrand 15:08 28 Jul 2009

Not got anything on my computer to do with Apache.

I've checked the location you suggested and also done a search and found nothing.

  lotvic 20:03 28 Jul 2009

OK, I think I have made some headway, at least got some more info.
click here and then if you click on the pic to enlarge it there is the same (type) of 'source code' that you get. So it seems in order except that you ought to be getting the internet page.

Am still delving to find some sort of an answer for you.
Maybe someone else with more knowledge will post tonight.

  lotvic 22:07 28 Jul 2009

This is what's happening - webpage showing Client Request and Server Response instead of page - but it shouldn't so it must be a glitch on the servers not your pc.
I can't explain why it doesn't happen on the other 2 pc's in your house.

  Horrand 16:39 30 Jul 2009

Just bumping this up.

Anyone else have any ideas?


  lotvic 22:24 30 Jul 2009

emptying Temp Internet Files, cookies, history etc.

do a dns flush from a Command Window
Start > Run > cmd
and then in the black box type
ipconfig /flushdns a little gap between ipconfig and forward slash or it will not should then tell you DNS cache has been flushed

  Ashrich 23:52 30 Jul 2009

Been having this for a little while now , on Ebuyer , Bird Forum and Metcheck , doesn't always do it , just sometimes , in both IE8 and Firefox 3.5.1 .
I have only been getting the transposed images being randomly positioned or page headers getting extra patterns or motifs , no pages of source code though .Only happens on my desktop , not laptop .


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