Weird fan/hard drive noise!?

  MrSheen 00:35 07 Jan 2006

Since I moved my PC into a different room, the fan or hard drive (whichever one it is you can hear when you have your pc on!) has gone from its usual constant drone to going a bit mad and up and down in pitch.

Has anyone had this before? Is it just the fan needs a clean or does it sound like it's on its way out?


  LivEviL 00:39 07 Jan 2006

whats ur comp sitting on? if its on likea desk the noise has prob always been there but the vibrations have just gone into the carpet! try putting a bit of carpet under it and make sure its steady on the top

  MrSheen 00:47 07 Jan 2006

It's sat in the same computer desk it's always been in. and its the same type of noise its always made, just rather than being a constant hum it's up and down as if the PCs trying to run a load of programs or something, but its not doing anythin!

  Gongoozler 07:35 07 Jan 2006

"its not doing anything". Do you mean that the computer is failing to boot? Is there any screen display at all?

  jack 08:40 07 Jan 2006

A fan that alter pitch is simply responding to the temperature regulator -so if it is constantly doing it , it may suggest it is time for a spring clean- to get the grot out of the machine.

  Modo 08:46 07 Jan 2006

1. Back it up - preferably using drive Imaging software. Acronis seems to be fave on this forum.

2. Open up the case - take some basic anti static precautions at least such as toching the outside mtal on the case before touching anything inside. Take a look to see if any wiring or other obstructions have got in any of the fans.

If no

3. Boot it up. See if you can identify where the noise is coming from - not as easy as it sounds. To rule out the hard drive - after turning off again - disconnect the power supply (usually a Molex plug, they can be very stiff, you will need to pull firmly out with minimal lateral movement.) Reboot.

If not the hard drive

4. Try again to isolate where the noise is coming from. Your options in most cases wil now be

a. Case Fan (may be more than one). Again if necessary disconnect the power from the fan and reboot. It will do no harm for a few minutes.

b. Heatsink Fan. Do not attempt to run the computer without this fan connected. if you have got this far the problem will probably be this fan.


C. Power Supply (PSU) fan. Again you can't isolate this and it is most unlikely that you can replace the fan on a psu, they are usually sealed units.

Depending on your PC you may have other fans such as chipset, hard drive or additional case fans. Apart from the chipset you can run the computer safely for a few seconds with them disconnected to isolate the cause.

In order of likely cause and ease of solving they are in the order above. Fans and even PSU's are all usually in stock at Maplins - finding them in the chaotic stock control in some branches is a different matter. Otherwise eBay or other online stores will be your source and much cheaper if you can wait for delivery.

Good Luck

  Modo 08:49 07 Jan 2006

Sorry on re reading I didn't mean to give the impression it is most likely the Hard Drive. Hard Drive is the least likely from what you posted. But as it is the most critical you need to back up first and confirm that isn't the problem.

  MrSheen 10:58 07 Jan 2006

Cool, thanks for the help. will try it this weekend!!

  jack 11:58 07 Jan 2006

Mr Modo has geven you enough to do
but dont forget the 'grot' issue Dust builds up especially on fan blades and cooling fins.
This will pull the fan down, block airflow,
So, whilt you are doing the other things get the soft brush out [Missus/girlfriend make up brush!] and air can or vacuum.

  wee eddie 12:06 07 Jan 2006

Turn the heat off.

Fit the directional (Restricting) nozzle if it has one.

As you delicately brush (I use a bristle paint brush [No man-made fibres - static potential]) direct the air stream at the same point.

PS Always unplug your PC and Earth yourself before taking the cover off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  MrSheen 01:52 23 Apr 2006

ive just got round to trying this and can't figure out where the noise is coming from. Ive air dusted both fans (the cpu & psu) and loads of junk came out but there's still a weird change in pitch coming from the machine. dont think it's either of the fans. listening close, with the case off, i can hear their whirring quite constantly, just cant pinpoint the source of the other sound!

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