Weird email, Scam/Virus?

  rawprawn 08:20 26 Jan 2012

This morning I got an email purporting to be from American Airlines showing I had bought a ticket as this



Please find your ticket attached. You can print your ticket.

"Hello" sounds wrong and I cannot open the "Ticket" and I have just checked my credit cards (Nothing Showing) Anybody seen this before? RP

  cocteau48 08:30 26 Jan 2012

Hi rawprawn

I do not know if this is a scam or not.

I hope that by even trying to open the "Ticket" you have not compromised your system.

I would be running a full set of scans just in case.

  rawprawn 08:36 26 Jan 2012

Morning cocteau48, I should have said I looked at it on my Mac, not on my Windows computer so I think the chances of me getting a virus is minimal. Still it really does make you wonder.

  Ian in Northampton 08:44 26 Jan 2012

The question to ask here is the same one you ask when you get an email saying you've won the lottery. But instead of "Did I ever buy a ticket for the lottery?" in this case it would be "Did I ever buy a ticket from American Airlines?" If the answer in either case is "no", then it's patently a scam and following a link or opening an attachment is potentially dangerous. Having a Mac, you may have got away with it...

  rawprawn 08:50 26 Jan 2012

I am interested to see if I can find out anything else. I am just doing a full Acronis backup on Windows and I will then have a look at it with Norton.

  onthelimit1 08:56 26 Jan 2012

Friend yesterday had several emails purporting to come from DHL, with a click here for parcel tracking. It all looked genuine apart from the 'Hello Dear' at the start! Oh, and he hadn't ordered anything.

  Batch 09:00 26 Jan 2012

This sounds a classic scam to get you to open an infected attachment.

You know that you haven't ordered / bought anything, but they rely on your curiosity getting the better of you.


  rawprawn 09:02 26 Jan 2012

OK Discretion is the better part of valour, I have deleted the offending item.

Thanks RP

  clock 10:33 26 Jan 2012

Hi Rawprawn, Know you have marked this as resolved but just wanted to tell you that I had the same e-mail from American Airlines in November, different price etc., and was lucky that I cannot open anything in the format they sent, because curiosity did get the better of me!!

Checked credit card company, bank etc., and up to today no money has been taken.

Incidentally, I googled the airline and it appears to be ligit, but experiencing financial problems etc.


  Woolwell 11:42 26 Jan 2012

It's a scam. Variants of this have been around for a few years now. Do not open but delete immediately. It is not from American Airlines. If you look closely at the message properties you find out but unless you have a robust anti-virus I do not recommend doing this.

  rawprawn 11:50 26 Jan 2012

Thanks for the further posts, I have deleted it, but I did note that the attachment had Zero Bytes.

clock thanks for the reassurance.

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