Weird E-mail address

  Mike2002 22:12 22 Oct 2009

My mail address is with Blueyonder, I recently received an email from (name-removed)@blueyonder -
no dotcom or dot-anything at the end. It's the same thing in the full message header. Weird or what!

If I replied to it (which I won't!), who would it go to I wonder. How can I trace who it's from?

  MAT ALAN 22:13 22 Oct 2009

How can I trace who it's from?

Mr. & Mrs. SPAM probably so no real point, just delete...

  OTT_Buzzard 22:22 22 Oct 2009

Appreciate that the full message header isn;'t helpful, but click reply and see what address is entered into the 'to' box.

I don't believe this can compromise your security, but just to be a little safer, make sure that you compose a text, not html, email.

  mgmcc 22:36 22 Oct 2009

At one time it was possible to send emails to addresses at the *SAME DOMAIN* simply by entering the recipient's Username, i.e. you could omit so this might explain how you received an email from within Blueyonder with an incomplete address.

  Quiet Life 23:26 22 Oct 2009

Right click on the e-mail>Details>Message source.
Will give you a better picture of where from.

  Mike2002 00:24 23 Oct 2009


Quote: "click reply and see what address is entered into the 'to' box."
Exactly the same, i.e. (removed)@blueyonder>

mgmcc: If I try sending an email to myself, it won't
let me unless I add the bit at the end.

This email relates to a posting I made to a FreeCycle group in the past. The email addresses me my first name, and also refers to the subject of my posting, but I'm just curious why (or how) the address is incomplete.

  mgmcc 20:35 23 Oct 2009

The "FROM:" field in an email can contain any detail you want, the address doesn't need to be a valid one.

Using an invalid address would prevent the sender receiving either replies or bounced messages, which could be deliberate.

  Mike2002 13:29 24 Oct 2009

As the sender knew certain details about me, I had nothing to lose by replying. Turned out it was from a guy who corresponded with me a year or so ago. He was also baffled as to why his address was incomplete.

So I'll 'tick' this one as being resolved!

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