Weird connection problem!

  Check1 13:03 26 Jul 2006

I have a BT Voyager 205 modem/router (its a piece of junk.)

It disconnects itself really often It seemed to happen quite regularly so i decided to time the disconnections and it happens bang on every 5 minutes, to the second.

It does this every time. But what makes it even weirder is that it disconnects precisesly 5 minutes after it is turned on, and every 5 minutes thereafter, which suggests that the disruptions are coming from the modem itself.

However i tested it round a mates and it worked fine, which suggests there is something wrong with my connection at home and contradicts.

I normally try to use it for xbox live as i have a usb modem which i can use on my computer, without frequent disconnections, although the usb modem also cuts off sometimes, but rarely.

Iv tried talking to BT but they are useless and dont listen/understand english, anyone know what's wrong?

  Giggle n' Bits 13:14 26 Jul 2006

your phone line firstly.
Check for Viruses and spyware infectons
Uninstall all BT Broadband Modem Software and restart system then reinstall.
Check your microfilters are on all sockets where there is a phone connected including sky if you have one.
Then come back with a update.

  FelixTCat 13:21 26 Jul 2006


Have a look in the modem setup pages and see if it is set to disconnect after 5 mins of no activity.

It's best to set modems to always on unless you're on a pay as you go plan.



  babybell 13:41 26 Jul 2006

I had a problem the same as this 1 year ago. I actually have a post on this website called "BT Broadband "5 Minute Dropout" Phenomenom" We had the same thing, exactly 5 mins the connection would go. All we did was purchased a new BT 330 USB Modem from ebay for £10 and it works perfectly now without a problem.

  Check1 20:43 26 Jul 2006

@ Big Byte..

It happens to the modem itself, no matter what it is connected to, be it the xbox, the laptop, both, or neither. We have microfilters on every in-use socket, however we have quite a lot of those.

@ Felix..

It appears to be a problem with either the modem or our connection, not the computer settings as it happens regardless of what is connected to it.

@ Babybell...

This is very intresting, do you have any idea what the reason is?? Mine will connect for 5 minutes, drop out for roughly 30 seconds, then reconnect for another 5 minutes from when the light comes back on. I would buy the 330 usb but it is an ethernet modem that i need as only they are compatible with xboxs. As i said, my usb speedtouch modem (usually) works fine.

Can anyone reccomend me any reliable ethernet dsl modems?

  Check1 16:26 19 Aug 2006


  Methedrine 16:39 19 Aug 2006

click here and have a look and see what they have to offer.

  FelixTCat 17:20 19 Aug 2006


If you re-read my earlier post you will see that I said to check the MODEM setup - not the computer. Some MODEMS have a timeout so that they disconnect after a given period. Go into the MODEM setup pages, usually on the adsl setup section and see if there is a time-out.



  Check1 16:02 22 Aug 2006


I am willing to try this, although i am very doubtful that it will work as the modem sometimes works for hours, albeit rarely. It also works without any problems round my mate's houses. However, my speedtouch usb modem works fine pretty much all the time. It seems to be a combination of both the modem and the connection which causes the problem. Its so strange i can't even be bothered with it anymore! Im bidding on a D-link modem on ebay, which i hope will solve the problem.

Anyway, where can i find the modem setup window?


  skell 16:23 22 Aug 2006

It sounds like your BT line to me... how many other appliances do you have connected to your BT line? ie phones, faxes etc... it might be worth disconnecting everything form the line except you BT modem and then try it and see what happens. Problens can occur if the BT line has too many peices of equipment connected to it.

  Check1 16:40 22 Aug 2006

Thanks for your help

We do have quite a large house and lots of things are connected. I will try and get back to you.

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