Weird computer problem

  Taurent 02:15 15 Nov 2004

Ok, so here’s the deal...
Every days last week, I had to go back and forth to the PC shop for maintenance, cause I installed new stuff ( graph card, hard drive, ram) and, well, the guy who first installed seemed pretty dumb, for he put the bad ram and nothing would work. So now anyway, all the hardware should be OK. I’m back from here, where every games and everything would work. Now, i’m at home, and no game work (the screen goes blue when I run the .exe)?!?

I just called the guy who fixed it (this one doesnt actually seem dumb) , and he has absolutly no idea why it doesnt work for he though for like 15mins and said it could be either the keyboard or the mouse.

I must say that I have no idea neither.

Does someone do ?

Programs like winamp work.
Error Message doesnt say much,

A problem was detected and windows was closed to avoid any problem.

(more stuff)

STOP : 0x0000... more numbers

Emptying memory...

Might not be 100% like that cause I had to translate

Computer setting : P4 1.8ghz, 512 ram, Geforce FX 5500, running on winXP. I use zonealarm pro, and the technician removed every spywares/viruses. I’m on ADSL.

More info

I use directX 9.0c.

Task manager info

Used memory : 212 088 (varies) / 887692 K

Physical memory : Total : 523 760
Available : 286 550 (varies)
System cache : 238 552 (varies)

UC (thats probably not english) used : 0% (sometimes goes up to 10, but usually stays at 0)

29 processes

Thanks in advance.

  hugh-265156 02:34 15 Nov 2004

does anything click here look familiar?

if you note any error no`s. down exactly as displayed on screen it may help please.

in the meantime if this is happening when you try to play a game etc. then try downloading and installing the latest nvidia graphics card drivers maybe click here make sure windows is up to date too with updates click here

  Taurent 02:42 15 Nov 2004

the exact error code was :
0x0000008E ( 0x00000005, 0x00000179, 0xF336DCC8, 0x00000000 )

I'm using the newest drivers, and the only windows update I dont have is the SP2, for I heard too much crap about it and I trust much more ZoneAlarm's firewall.

But what pisses me off is that it was actually working when I was at the PC shop...

  Taurent 02:45 15 Nov 2004

I could send a bug report to microsoft, and it brang me to some page , saying that problem was very rare and no help was provided.

  flobby 10:12 15 Nov 2004

hi taurent,
try sisoft sandra, click here
this will check your system it is a free download or you can buy it if you are happy with it. When you have done a check on the system look at the bottom and it gives you advice.
I had a similar problem and this programme told me that the processor was running hot and this caused all the error messages when the temp reached a certain high.
So installed a new fan and it is now fine.
When the professionals look at it they do not see the temperature as initially it is normal.

  ACOLYTE 11:11 15 Nov 2004

Did you have spy ware and/or a virus? as you said the technitian removed it/them all, it may be something that was removed was needed by the pc,can you do system file check and see,can u say what game/s you are trying to play that cause the error,you can stop windows restarting when the error happens that way you could see more about the error on the blue screen that follows,you may just need to reinstall the game and or run in in compatability mode for another OS.Try running a dxdiag(sart/run/type/dxdiag) test on card see if everything is ok and the drivers are digitally signed.Stop errors are hard to pin down there are so many causes.

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