Weh heh broadband

  misters 20:39 03 Jul 2003

As my subject suggest I'm happy i recieved an e mail today saying broadband will be available in my area in Sept.
Now my Question who offers the best deal for broadband? I'm currently with freeserve for my dial up but just wondering if it's better to move to another ISP for broadband?
thanx in advance

  scooby43 21:41 03 Jul 2003

hi misters

there are lots of internet service providers around I am with freeserve broadband I guess it depends what you want to go with you can visit these 2 websites

click here

click here

hope these help :)


  nick_j007 21:41 03 Jul 2003

I stayed with Freeserve when upgrading to Broadband a month ago. It is fine and all you need to plug in is a small filter box and then a new cable plus oval shaped modem that is flat and fits in the palm of your hand into the USB port.
I quoted a ref. no. and the modem was free (although Freeserve then own it in effect as it is never yours...not a problem to me).
I shall dig out a link to it for you if I can. So, all you have to do is pay the extra to go to b'band.
I also feel that they are all much of a muchness at this end of the market in terms of price and service.
Good luck, Nick Jones

  Despicable Desperado 21:49 03 Jul 2003
  swapper 21:51 03 Jul 2003

If it helps.........I've been with BT since about January of this year, I have had a couple of major problems (mainly due to the fact that I am on the boarderline for my local exchange). and found that their free helpline, and after sales svc is excellent. they have even replaced the line from the outside pole, right into the house, and the main junction box, so its BT for me :-)

  Kitz E Kat 21:58 03 Jul 2003

Can't advise, as i live in Ireland, however, i can say i got it a few weeks back,and yup..... weh heh... you are gonna be one happy dude...
its worth every penny....
Kitz E Kat

  nick_j007 22:08 03 Jul 2003

click here

This is supplied courtesy of another poster some time ago, and it was accepted on the phone for me about a month ago. A free modem basically but you never own it...!

  dipsy 22:09 03 Jul 2003

I'm with Virgin. They are charging £24.99 inc VAT a month and you get free connection at the moment. I chose the recommended USB modem which is £49.99. One of the reasons I chose them was they only have a 1 month contract so if I wasn't happy I could go elsewhere. However, I'm very impressed with the service and get good speeds.

  jospar 22:14 03 Jul 2003

I use pipex, which are at the moment doing quite a good deal for conection.

Never had a problem at all, they provide a usb modem and two filters. So setting up is a breeze.

I only had one grip at the begining, you can not select your user name or password, this is also given to your e-mail account, but you can change the e-mail address so it reflects your name, but you still have to log in under the user name and password they provided.

It's reasonable as well, at only £18.99 + VAT = approx £24 a month, I've never had any down time in the six months I've been using them.

You will find very soon that you will ponder how you ever managed with the old 56k as it was so ssslllloooowwww.

All the best and many happy hours surfing


  Iceman56 22:41 03 Jul 2003

I have conected with Gio Internet, at only £18.95 Month. There is a connection Feee of about £50.00. The only negative point I have found is the 75p/Min tech support. But they do not have any restrictions on downloading

The connection is first rate, not had any problems with them.

Happy Hunting

  Aol Hater 22:50 03 Jul 2003

click here

for force9 they are really good i was set up in 4 days and got a great deal on free modem they start from £21 per month and if you have any technical queries they have a sort of private forum were you can ask questions in privacy FOR FREE to their expert staff. i get the best speeds and would recommend them in a shot!!!

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