Weeks of IE frustration...

  Stuartli 00:31 14 May 2003

I have a problem with Internet Explorer, probably related in some way to cookies and/or ActiveX.

It only applies to some websites including this one and theregister.co.uk...:-( I have no problem logging on to other secure sites such as that of my bank to check my account.

MyVitalAgent reveals that the websites concerned are found but, eventually, stop downloading; refreshing makes little difference.

However, if I disconnect, the website being downloaded appears as if by magic, usually the bare frame, header etc.

Connecting again adds a little more to the page and, by disconnecting and connecting, I can eventually get the page up. But then I have to go through the same routine to make further progress.

I've tried deleting some or all cookies and ActiveX files, disabling ZoneAlarm during the initial stages, checking and rechecking IE Security settings etc, but nothing seems to work.

If I disable all ActiveX, Scripting etc in IE's Security zone the affected websites fly in and I have no problem - only that of security.

It's the method I'm currently using to send this thread.

If anyone has any ideas as to possible causes I would be very grateful to read them.

  crx1600 00:39 14 May 2003

which OS and IE version.

  Stuartli 12:56 14 May 2003

Win98SE and IE6 + SP1.

All security updates have been downloaded as they become available, First and Third Party cookies are enabled and all seems in apple pie order...or not, as the case may be...:-)

I must emphasise again that websites that would normally prove far more difficult to explore, such as that of my bank, are visited without any problems.

  Stuartli 17:22 14 May 2003

It seems that this problem is proving baffling for others as well..:-)

  crx1600 17:35 14 May 2003

as well as looking under the 'security' tab, check under 'advanced' for a few more options concerning security,activeX and SSL.

can tell you what to look for though.

im sure i've seen a similar thread and it concerned the SSL thingy.

  Stuartli 17:51 14 May 2003

I have already tried all variations of SSL and TLS - no difference..:-(

Nothing works except to disable ActiveX, Java, Scripting etc.

It's now bugging me even more than Blair and New Labour, so you can sense how much my sanity is being tested...:-)

  crx1600 18:04 14 May 2003

regarding java, are you using microsoftVM

or have you tried installing from click here

i had a niggle with the 'underlines' until i installed this version.

i really dont know much about all this, just throwing a few idea's in.

  slowhand_1000 18:22 14 May 2003

Have you tried going back to old version of IE, foe example v5.5. Has this problem started since you maybe upgraded to v6


  Wak 19:21 14 May 2003

If you want another suggestion??
First run "Repair IE" and then go to Tools/ Internet Options and set all possible things to the default settings.
If that improves things, you can then change the default settings one at a time until you find the trouble maker.

  Stuartli 21:58 14 May 2003

I've tried "repairing" IE several times - makes no difference. Tried changing, disabling and enabling default setttings in turn, again without any difference.

I had absolutely no problems with IE until about six weeks ago; nothing had been changed but I began to have trouble logging onto this website and theregister. There may be others, but I haven't found any.

I did have trouble with my BT line (due to earthing on its equipment) which meant connecting to my two ISPs involved numerous attempts before succeeding.

However, BT completely replaced the house box and the master box last week, plus all the wiring, and both Tiscali and Pipex come in at full speed first time, every time once again.

What is puzzling is that particularly secure sites such as my bank account download without any problems.

I have tried every which way but which way - and nothing works except to disable ActiveX, Scripting etc. I must have spent between 50 and 80 hours trying to cure it and all without any joy.

I don't know whether taking a step backwards to IE5 or 5.5 would make any difference, but after all the IE6 updates, security patches etc downloaded over the past 12-15 months I would be reluctant to do so...:-)

I'll try the Java download later tonight.

  Stuartli 23:45 14 May 2003


The answer came from my son, an IT specialist, during an ICQ conversation earlier. Why I've never asked him I don't know, vanity perhaps....

His immediate reaction was it was ad related, probably due to ad stoppers, proxy settings and similar.

Told me to uninstall PopUp Stopper and download The Proximitron, gave me the proxy settings, and voila!

PC Advisor now downloads instantly, along with the others such as theregister and ZDNet.

Thanks for all your suggestions - hope the above may be of interest to others.

Also if anyone is interested in IE Security Settings (not that it did me any good!), then Microsoft goes into it in comprehensive style at:

click here

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