Weekend hell? jospar

  jospar 23:45 25 May 2003

I was going to let you know in the other thread, but I've lost the reply box at the bottum!

Story goes, phone call to say that system wouldn't boot properly! asking for system disk?

so suggested to check for any disk left in-=no

so try putting in win 98 disc, didn't have rescue disc, so I said I would lend mine?

got to my friend house this morning, so Had taken it round there to be dropped to me, this was after his brother had gone around an declared that the hard drive had failed so means it is broke?

Brought home, Booted up, bleep ect, graphichs= so checked it had been unsteated, replaced, also while there checked memory these were also out of line! no wonder it didn't work.

Booted it up several times, no problems, thought it had crashed once, but was using the wrong mouse (using my computers mouse)

Phone through to say that I had sorted it, BUT for some reason, if the white windows logo is loaded onto desk top, this makes the system unstable, but I can't find a reason why?

My only thoughts on this so far is that either it is using too much memory (but total mem is 256 mb) or I might have to up the video memory a bit?

When the desktop background is left blank no problems! But D won't let his brother run it like that insists that that logo is on!!!!!!!

What difference it makes I don't know, only that D doesn't like the Ideal that I know more about computers than him, which hurts I'm a female.

Sometimes its better to except that you can't have quite what you want, for but it works.

any Ideas?

thanks, and I had a little grip too!

  woodchip 23:51 25 May 2003

Sounds like it's running in safe mode, it may be a driver conflict

  Djohn 23:56 25 May 2003

Also if the desktop with the windows Icon is an "Active desktop", that will use more memory and could make the sys. unstable. J.

  davidg_richmond 00:01 26 May 2003

You say the white windows logo - is this the win98 one that activates activdesktop? ie its a link. If this is so, the problem would be an activdesktop one (not surprising really its always problematic).

Don't know how to rectify this easily, it's a while since I've bothered with ActivDesktop. It's integrated so much into Windows it's a pain to fix. Try re-installing Internet Explorer and if it doesn't work, just recommend they don't bother with it. You could always re-install Windows over top of the current installation (ie without reformatting, just put the Win98 CD in from Windows). This will leave data intact but if I remember right it will stop programs working.

  crx1600 00:02 26 May 2003

as Djohn mentions, i found running jpegs as backgrounds requires 'active desktop' to be enabled and causes problems for my PC.(winME)

rather than lose the picture, i just open it with a picture editor and save as bmp. then you can run the same background without enabling 'active desktop'.

  jospar 00:04 26 May 2003

Checked for conflicts via system information, didn't show any, but did show that some of the oridginal settings had been changed? checked the system files showed a corrupted file in setup.dll so restored, haven't checked resistry yet!

The problem being I'm told what has happened, and seen it once, it completly locked the system up, it took six hours to get in and reformat. transpired that there monitor was causing the problem, let them have my old monitor that i used on the machine.

I've spent hours one night trying to get it to crash, but nothing this problem only seems to happen when they have it back!

  jospar 00:16 26 May 2003

I tried advising them not to use it, but the one who is using the computer will listen, but his brother goes around and puts his to penny worth in.

I shall have a muggle around tomorrow, and see what I can do, but I think that the above advice is going have to be said again. a prehaps a little word on the lines to the brother...... if you know so much why don't you fix it yourself!

  jospar 19:19 26 May 2003

I will tick this as resloved?

I checked out ms site early this morning, which has led me to;

up-grading IE, and dropping the graphic accerelator. And everything seems to be working fine, I have ran it through some paces. The only crash that I thought I had, turned out to be the mouse! I was using the one that was attached to my system der....

So I'm taking it back tomorrow, have explained the whats and what if, hioefuly they might listen!

thanks for all your help

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