Wedding DVD

  Declanworld 00:45 05 Jul 2005

My son's wedding DVD is the only DVD which refuses to play on my PC, in spite of its being able to play in my DVD players. Windows doesn't recognise the disk either.

Any ideas?

  User-312386 00:58 05 Jul 2005

do you have powerdvd or similar software?

What player are you trying to use?

  Declanworld 08:46 05 Jul 2005

Drive: NEC DV-5800A

It first failed on PowerDVD 5 and then on WinDVD 6

  WillyDR 11:23 05 Jul 2005

Are you sure that your PC has the right coder-decoders installed ?

You could try with Gspot: click here to find this out...

Or are you saying that windows does not recognize the disk at all ? if so, could this be a DVD of a type which is not supported by your player ?

  pj123 15:00 05 Jul 2005

NEC drives seem to be notorious for not playing back.

You could try JetAudio (Free download) from click here

Scroll down the page to the bottom and select jetAudio 6 "basic download" I use it quite a lot and it plays almost everything I throw at it.

  Declanworld 18:46 05 Jul 2005

Thanks for your help - it never dawned on me that the drive could possibly exclude DVD formats. My NEC only plays DVD-R, so I presume the disk is a +R.

  De Marcus 18:52 05 Jul 2005

Your drive should play the +r format regardless, infact it will play all but the most peculiar formats or less well know (such as karaoke CD+G disks) anyway. Perhaps if you give the forum a blow by blow account starting with loading the disk into the drive.

  De Marcus 18:54 05 Jul 2005

Also it best not get confused with how a drive writes a disk. Your drive may only be capable of writing to -R disks, but as mentioned above, it will play mostly anything.

  Declanworld 19:20 05 Jul 2005

Thanks to a helpful chap on the Dell Community Forum and the link to a firmware upgrade for my drive, I can now play the special DVD.

Many thanks again to my comrades, here also, for your time.

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