Wedding Cd

  ronvon 16:01 03 Aug 2006

Hi all,
Igot a wedding cd sent to me from my grandson,
I would like to send it on to my daughter in OZ.
What would the best way to send this on through the computer ??
Thanks for any help.

  Think4_Danny 16:29 03 Aug 2006

When you say wedding CD, do you mean a CD of wedding photos or a wedding video or DVD?

If it's photos you can potentially email some/all of them across but be careful to shrink them down to a reasonable size first.

If it's a video or DVD you'll both need decent speed internet connections and then you can look to upload it to a hosting site on the web from which it can be downloaded at the other end.

Hope this helps.

  De Marcus™ 16:33 03 Aug 2006

Copy the cd and send it in the post, won't take too long and she'll have a hard copy.

  Jak_1 17:11 03 Aug 2006

Upload the cd to click here and send an email with the details to your daughter.

  rodriguez 17:34 03 Aug 2006

If it's photos it shouldn't be too difficult - just zip them all up and send them or upload them in one zip file. If it's video files (.mpg, or .avi) these can also be sent or uploaded. If it's a Video CD (you'll know if it is because when you put it in a computer you'll get folders named MPEGAV, SEGMENT etc.) then copy the MPEGAV folder to the desktop and rename the AVSEQxx.dat files to .mpg and they can be then sent. If it's a load of photos in a slideshow in VCD format, then they may be in the Segment folder named ITEMxxxx.dat - if it's like this then leave it and just copy the CD and post it.

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