hubdean 17:42 07 May 2004

How do upload my work ect to the internet

  pj123 17:50 07 May 2004

Give us a clue? What work? Who is your ISP? Do you have free webspace, or do you have a domain name? Is it a website, or just private files etc??? Just tell us exactly what it is you want to do.

  hubdean 17:55 07 May 2004

im on blueyonder b/band & have free webspace, no domain name
how do i get my free webspace
for my own files

  johnnyrocker 17:55 07 May 2004

using explorer or ftp? in addition to the previous questions.


  expertec 18:58 07 May 2004

If you haven't done it already, first thing is to activate your BY webspace in selfcare click here

  expertec 19:00 07 May 2004

If you're using frontpage for this work, you can publish from there.

If you have Windows XP, you don't need an FTP program, you can use the built in web folders sytem it's fairly easy ;-)

  Smocked 19:06 07 May 2004

if its a free hosting site, like geocities, bravenet or angelfire then there are upload utilities usually found in file manager. Just click on upload files and choose the files to upload and click upload. Then you're done.

  VoG II 19:10 07 May 2004

I use CuteFTP click here

  pj123 13:56 08 May 2004

You need to contact your ISP who will give you an ID and a password to access your free webspace and instructions on how to do it. You may then need an FTP to upload to the site, but sometimes ISPs have their own system to upload files and an FTP is not required. Like VoG™ I use CuteFTP, which makes uploading a lot easier. Another thing to remember is that anything uploaded to the internet is classed as "in the public domain" so anyone can access it. If it is only for family/friends you will need to password protect it. I have 3 domain names that can be accessed by anyone but I also have a private site that can only be accessed by people I want to see it, ie family/friends for which I have to send them the password to get in to it. Check with your ISP first.

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