Websites slow to load; IE shuts down

  EllyZelly 10:17 11 Nov 2007

Hi everyone,
I am new here; my name is Elizabeth. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with this problem. It is frustrating me.

There are two problems.
First, it takes a very long time for some (many) web sites to load, such as click here,, and; there are more, I imagine. Other sites like my gmail account and have no problem. This problem started a few days ago, at home.

A week ago or so, I noticed a second (original) problem, which continues: Internet Explorer shuts down when I try to close one of the many windows I have open. There is a message: "INternet Explorer has stopped working." All the windows close; and immediately after, it says "Internet Explorer is restarting." And an IE window comes up.
I first noticed this problem at my aunt's house, where I was hooked up to DSL. At home now, I used broadband, but it never takes this long! I live in a dorm and that may have something to do with it; but I don't think so.

I am using Microsoft Vista.

I have tried going into the register and doing a hotfix as recommended by microsoft, but that didn't work.

I have fiddled with my proxy server setting, but I really don't know if I am doing it right.

If you can, please help me out.
Thank you.


  Technotiger 10:25 11 Nov 2007

Hi, and Welcome to the best Forum on the 'net.

As you are using Vista I would suspect that your set-up is relatively new - my first thought being that perhaps your pc was getting a bit clogged up with junk, which if it is fairly new, should not be the case.

In any case, I would still advise a clean-up, you could run Ccleaner click here this would still clear up some and help things to run quicker.

More RAM, especially with Vista, often helps too.

I am not an expert with Vista, nor anything else for that matter, but this is perhaps to give you a start - this will also attract other members to your plight.

Good luck.

  AI33 10:50 11 Nov 2007

Welcome to the forum.

I also find that IE can be quite slow and erratic in Vista. I find that firefox runs smoother and faster click here. It might be worth trying it to see if you get better results.

Running CCleaner is always a good idea as it cleans out the dross left behind in internet sessions.

Also are you fully up to date with your windows updates. Fixes are coming out all the time to resolve some of the glitches in Vista.

  birdface 11:48 11 Nov 2007

Speed here just in case you are getting a bad download speed. Or try Tools.Internet Options, Advanced,and press re-set.This resets I/E back to its original state,So you will loose any add-ons that you have downloaded.But you can always download them again. Now this works on XP I am not sure about vista.

  Technotiger 11:56 11 Nov 2007

Following on from buteman's suggestion, you may need one of the Speed Tests for USA ... click here

  EllyZelly 12:58 11 Nov 2007

Thanks guys.
The Internet Explorer has stopped shutting down and restarting thanks to your suggestions;
but I have tried everything (suggestions) and the web sites are still taking forever to download; sometimes not at all.

It says Windows is up to date...

I am going to try a Google on Vista problems.

I think also that I may be low on says the H drive is full; and the computer's backups fail..I have tried doing backups in that drive. (Or maybe it is D drive...I forgot).

Does anyone else have any suggestions? If so, please help.

  brundle 13:04 11 Nov 2007

Hard-drive space and computer memory are two different things. If your system drive is filling up Vista will have complained long before now. Your system drive will most likely be `C:`.
Do a System File Check, have your Vista DVD handy; click here

  brundle 13:07 11 Nov 2007

And a full update and scan with Antivirus and antispyware software wouldn't hurt. If you don't have antispyware software here are some free ones - Spywareterminator and AVG recommended. Best to have two or three installed (not all running simultaneously) as often one will pick up something another package might miss. click here

Don't install more than one antivirus product at a time.

  EllyZelly 13:37 11 Nov 2007

Thanks; I think I may have found the problem.
THis is the message that came up while I was running Spybot:
There were problems in the include file C:\Program Files\ Spybot - Search_Destroy\Includes\

Does this mean a Trojan invaded my computer?

  Technotiger 14:29 11 Nov 2007

I don't use Spybot, but if you look in Help you will probably see Check for Updates, or similar wording.
Update your Spybot and I believe that message will be cured.

  birdface 14:37 11 Nov 2007

What other Anti-Virus+ Spyware programs have you got.If you only have Spybot.You will need more.

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