Websites know what I have been viewing

  VNAM75 21:58 26 May 2010

I have noticed lately that I'm seeing adverts for items I have been viewing on some websites. For example, yesterday I was viewing door bolts and hasp and stapler locks on the wickes and screwfix websites.

Today, I have visited the Times online, Gumtree and Radiotimes sites and all have had advert links for door bolts and/or hasp and stapler locks. This has happened in the past when I have browsed for doors and paints etc but I put it down to coincidence.

Is this normal/coincidence or does my computer have spyware or something like that on it?

  Sea Urchin 22:28 26 May 2010

Yes, it is normal behaviour - it's called targeted advertising. And for this to happen you do have a form of spyware on your computer - hopefully non-malevolent - called cookies.

  VNAM75 22:32 26 May 2010

Thanks. It seems harmless so I don't' think I will worry about it.

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