websites dont load fully,

  theDarkness 12:42 12 Feb 2012

This laptop over the last couple of days has started to take an age to load up some webpages. The fan seems to be whirring constantly at times too, and for the first time, I have received the following error message, which could be related (error in multiuser synch module initialisation):

I thought the hang may have been with Online Armor or the cheap TT wireless router, but I cant find anything in the OA history to indicate why. The hang is infrequent, but when it happens loading up websites it can last more than 10 to 15 mins at worst.

  Woolwell 15:56 12 Feb 2012

Notice that you haven't had a reply. I am uncertain about this. Google search indicates possibly a corrupt user profile, problems between NetWorx and Online Armor and multiple users logged on.

What happens if you momentarily turn off Online Armor.

You don't happen to have Windows firewall or another firewall active at the same time?

  theDarkness 21:10 12 Feb 2012

thanks for the reply. I am almost certain that the issue is with Networx download usage meter-even though not always present, the webpage download hanging issues only started after its installation, and I had not installed anything else. As you mention, the above 'multiuser synch module initialisation' issue has been noted by other users on the official forum, although that last post is actually me XD It would seem its just not 100% compatible with 7 or vista at the moment,10227

I attempted to uninstall networx, but the uninstallation bar hanged indefinately around 3/4 of the way through. I had to force its closure, so I dont know if its completely off the system now. I have restarted, changed to tbbMeter and will keep an eye out for any webpage slowdown, trying out both IE and firefox. Online Armor, UAC and Defender are running. I thought defender was off, but I dont think many programs should have any issues with it? For my other protection, Avast is on the system together with malwarebytes and spywareblaster.

I have also received another message on another account, although its possibly completely unrelated

  Woolwell 21:35 12 Feb 2012

Perhaps the way to uninstall Networx is to reinstall and then uninstall with either Revo or CCleaner.

I think that you may have to remove either Networx or Online Arnor.

  theDarkness 23:22 12 Feb 2012

I think the slowdown may be unrelated to the Networx error-it still happens with any browser, and there are some people with the same web slowdown using OA, from its official forum. I have sandboxie and virtualclonedrive installed which may not help as there are known incompatibilities with these programs and OA. What I dont understand is why the slowdown has only just started now, as I havent had any problems before. I have turned the OA webshield off, and websites have started loading up far faster, although not 100%, which pretty much proves that OA is part, if not the entire source of the problem. I was going to try replacing OA temporarily in a test with another firewall, Comodos forums suggest some users are having incompatibility problems with Avast running alongside it, so it looks like ZA will be my choice for now. If I still receive problems Ill try reinstalling+removing Networx tomorrow as you mention, just incase there is still a slight chance of it causing some of this slowdown

  Woolwell 08:44 13 Feb 2012

Has OA been updated?

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