Pau1JB 12:31 28 Mar 2004

i got an ict project to do and in it i have to find two websites along the same lines as my website so i can compair them. I did my site on mp3 and how u can get it use it and carry it about. You have to compair a good site and a bad site.

The good site i found. click here the site which is so good i cant find is there anysites out there like the one described or the one above that isnt that top quailty.


  PurplePenny 13:14 28 Mar 2004

I'm not sure that it would be entirely ethical for forum members to find sites and say that they are bad. We can comment on sites when invited to by their authors and we recommend good sites but I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable singling out sites I considered bad.

It is very subjective anyway - for instance if I were doing the project I wouldn't use your good example - because I, personally, don't find it particulary outstanding. But that would be for me to argue. You have to make arguments for it being a good site. It doesn't mean that either of us is right or wrong - just that we are looking for different things from a web site.

On the other hand there are no doubt some things that we would all agree would make a bad web site - a dark font on a black background that no-one could read for instance (yes, I've seen one!)

Decide what you think would make a web site "bad" then do a search for "mp3" and keep looking until you find one that matches your "bad" criteria.

Good luck


  phil 16:12 28 Mar 2004

Is 'fourm' the correct spelling of 'forum'?

  PurplePenny 16:53 28 Mar 2004

"any site that thought 'u' was the correct spelling"

Which rather neatly illustrates my point about it being subjective. I too hate text-speak BUT a site might be aimed exclusively at kids who would find that perfectly acceptable, even desirable.

  Forum Editor 18:30 28 Mar 2004

crops up continually, and I think it's right that we lay it to rest. There are people who find it relatively easy to spell correctly and there are those who don't, and if I spent my time pointing out spelling mistakes in this forum I would have little time for anything else.

That's not what we're here for, although I do agree that on a web site it's a good thing to make every effort to spell correctly wherever possible. The Internet is unique, in that it's the only internationally accessible medium where it's possible to publish your text without anyone else - an editor or proof-reader - seeing (and correcting) what you've written. That's why it's so important to try to get things 'right' before you hit the button to send your text into the public domain.

That said, it's true that some people - mainly young ones - nowadays use abbreviated versions of commonly-used words, and this has mainly come about through the widespread use of text-messaging, where brevity has a very real advantage. Purists may decry this practise creeping into everyday writing, and I for one sometimes agree with them, but language evolves. The way we speak and write now would be largely unintelligible to someone who lived 100 years ago, and I have no doubt our wonderful language will continue to be adapted as our society itself adapts to a changing world. People like me who studied English at university may not be entirely comfortable with some of the changes, but that's our problem - it's for society as a whole to deal with change, and I have no doubt it will.

That's enough about that - back to the thread's subject matter. I agree with PurplePenny Pau1JB, it's not for us to pick out 'bad' sites; that's a subjective judgment, and only you can do it. You know what you like, so you do the choosing.

  Pau1JB 19:06 28 Mar 2004

I came on asking for a bit of help, not much. Instead i get the micky taken out of my spelling for using u instead of you and for leaving a ' out of cant.

Also am not dumb i did spend considerable time looking on the web using mp3 in search engines and other combinations.

does it really matter if the grammmer aint that good.

This forum use to be good and give u help but i dont know what has happened.

Thanks for your time!

  Forum Editor 19:21 28 Mar 2004

If you take the time to read what was written you'll realise that one or two of us were speaking in your defence, and I certaionly don't think that anyone suggested you were dumb. It may not matter that your grammar isn't that good - that's for you to decide - but the point about us not wanting to choose 'bad' websites for you is valid - how would you like it if a bunch of total strangers started labelling your site 'bad' behind your back?

What you were asking us to do was to help you with your ICT project - surely that's something you should be doing yourself isn't it? Do your research and I'm sure you can come up with comparative sites quite easily. Don't be discouraged just because a couple of people criticised your spelling and grammar - rise above it and plough your own furrow. For what it's worth I recently read an article written by Bill Gates; it had several spelling errors and lots of bad grammar - doesn't seem to have held him back in life though, does it?

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