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  AC100 19:29 05 Apr 2005

I am new to web design and looking to set up an information portal using Frontpage 2003. I'm hoping to get a reasonable amount of traffic to the site and would like to include a forum section (don't worry forum editor its nothing to do with computers or web design!).

I've noticed more and more sites asking visitors for donations towards the "increasing website running costs". Could someone explain what costs I will incur if my site is successful?


  mattyc_92 21:08 05 Apr 2005

just your monthly/yearly bill.... but you can add banners to your site, and then you can get the money back that way....

  phil 21:24 05 Apr 2005

[quote]but you can add banners to your site[/quote]

It'll be a first then.

I ran banners on my site through Deal Group Media for three years and didn't get a sous.

Ok. It was only getting a thousand hits a day so maybe I didn't get enough traffic!!!

If your site is going to be a portal site then it depends upon what kind of portal site it is. If it's for gamers etc then you'll be struggling but if it's a local area type where businesses and events are linked to then you might be able to offset some of the costs by charging them.

The ideal way to keep costs to a minimum though is to get some cheap hosting with little bandwidth and fund it from your own pocket. Then as the site grows you can get a better (dearer) hosting arrangement.

It costs me around £100 p/a to run my site and I can live with that.

  Forum Editor 22:48 05 Apr 2005

you'll face is going to be your time. Web sites cost very little to host, and if you design the site yourself your development costs will be low.

Maintaining a portal site will simply eat up your time however, and you may not realise quite what you're taking on. To stand any chance of success a portal site must be updated on a daily basis, and unless you are able and prepared to make that kind of commitment I would advise you against the idea. Tens of thousands of portal sites have failed because their owners simply didn't realise how demanding such a project can be. Until you have some real traffic you'll have problems attracting any advertising revenue, so don't bank on that.

Once/if traffic really starts to lift off you'll face extra bandwidth charges from your host, but by the time that happens you should be attracting advertisers, so you'll fund the bandwidth from that revenue.

I wish you the best of luck with your project; don't hesitate to come here for more advice as you go along.

  AC100 11:28 06 Apr 2005

Thanks for the advice.

I guess my next question is how much bandwitdh would I need if the site takes off. From Phil's advice it looks like 1000 hits a week would only need minimal bandwidth and would not cost me much to run. But what if I get 10,000 a week or more (I can live in hope!)? Am I looking at £1000's?

I can't seem to find any info on this so any advice would be welcome.


  jul 17:55 09 Apr 2005

Speaking for myself this year the Price went up to wait for it $90.00 a year with 50 gb bandwidth per month 1gb of webspace mysql and a few other bits n pieces, i dont ask for donations as its only a site for my Gaming Squad to use and i have only 1 rule no sexual explicit content.
But it depends on what you want to use it for you can get lower packages, i went for this one Because of the Forum but even with that the Bandwidth has not gone over 15gb a month.

  jul 18:05 09 Apr 2005

missed this off some of the Gaming sites you see asking for Donations are asking because they may Hire game servers which can cost a £100 per month, so you cost will only be the cost of Hosting which once you find the right Package could mean around £50 for a year.
Have a look here and see if any would suit your needs.
[url=click here]hosting[/url]

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