website review please, if you have time

  athenrye 14:54 25 Feb 2009

hi ive done this for a friend
click here

its a driving school
any thoughts?

its on google but not very high, any thoughts on some quick fixes


  user8 15:28 25 Feb 2009

Looks OK.
It's a basic, but well put together website.
And gives most of the info a learner would want to know.

It's a lot better than my website!

  athenrye 18:31 25 Feb 2009

thanks forum member

the driving instructor is going to be proof reading it, ive ckecked it loads of times and most of it is cut and paste from stuff she sent me!

can you advise re the fonts, should it be all the one type and what type should it be?

i assume the general layout is ok and general feel of it


  athenrye 19:46 25 Feb 2009

the elite name is here name, its not a franchise, well the one shes got isnt anyway!
hence she was a but late with the domain name and had to go for 1elite

ive changed the fonts and it looks better to me already, the fonts were times roman, ill use verdana from now on

i done a spell check as well!

thanks for your help guys


  HighTower 20:28 25 Feb 2009

Hey there, not a bad effort - I've certainly seen a lot worse! I'm sure your customer will be happy.

To me your font looks a little on the big side, but that's splitting hairs - at least it's legible.

If there is one thing I would recommend though for your next project it would be to buy a book on CSS and have a bash at using it to control your layouts rather than tables. There's a good one on special at Amazon at the moment:

click here

  athenrye 01:22 26 Feb 2009

thanks hightower

i use netobjects fusion 10 and have done a few websites this way with tables

can you explain to me the basic idiots guide difference between tables and css

or if its easier. what is css


  babybell 10:43 26 Feb 2009

I know from personal experience the nightmare that comes from putting your email address on the index page of your site in straight text format. The amount of junk email I recieved increased 10 fold when I did that. If I were you I would try and show the email address as an image, therefore it will be more difficult to be scan read by bots.

  HighTower 18:59 26 Feb 2009

If you want to learn about CSS (which you should, you will never regret it!) then I can thoroughly recommend the online tutorials at It's $25 (around £17.50) per month, or $250 per year. I subscribed to the annual service as this is what I do for a living. I figured the expense was negligible in the grand scheme of things and found that as a learning resource it's second to none for both content and speed of learning.

If you've made some money from this job and you are looking to do more it could be a shrewd investment as generally speaking sites designed today should be DDA / W3C compliant. Using CSS helps you achieve this. A lot of the sites that I develop are funded from the likes of Business Link - and they won't touch you if you can't produce a site that cover these requirements.

A good introductory video tutorial to CSS is available at Sitepoint by Kevin Yank (this is also available on You can view the first part free here:

click here

Perhaps watching this and then picking up a book to take you forward would be a more cost effective way of learning.

Good luck!

  Forum Editor 23:59 26 Feb 2009

is effectively a template, allowing you to make changes to say, font sizes or styles in one file that will enable a browser to render all your pages in the same way - style sheets separate your content from your format if you like.

  athenrye 00:06 27 Feb 2009

thanks guys
i think i get the basics of it now

i had a look and netobjects fusion 10 has css

just need to see how it works now!

thanks for all the help and the reviews of the website

i have added a picture viewer on a couple of pictures in the home page now as well for a wee touch, i hope it looks okay


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