A Website Related Question, regarding uploading

  Mad Boy 21:07 04 May 2003

i currently have an account with tripod, however as im using a 56K modem as you can imagine its a pain in the bum uploading all the time. This is where my question comes into the matter, I have all my HTML pages that I made in Frontpage, is it possible to load all these into my account or just copy & paste the HTML code? Its easier for me to work offline this way and just upload as i need.

Thanks for your help, P.S if you want to see my rubbish web site please visit click here
It has a project in there too related to my site that im making in Delphi 7.

Oh and one last question, how come my animated gif only plays 1 then stops? I want it too loop, but it doesnt.

Thanks for your time, truly appreciated!

  Pesala 21:27 04 May 2003

I don't know whether this will help, but the way I update my site is with FTP Commander. I stage the entire site on my hard disk (my website click here is 103 pages). Then I just copy the pages and images that have changed since the last update. It usually takes just a minute or two, so I make minor updates several times a week.

It is sometimes a bit complicated finding the right image to copy as NetObjects Fusion generates hundreds of auto generated images, but I open the local site in Opera, right click to get the image properties, then switch to FTP Commander to copy the appropriate image. Usually, I just have to copy a few html pages.

  Mad Boy 21:29 04 May 2003

Ok, so what about the links etc? I have links for files but they are linked to my harddrive. Do i need to change these or are they done automatically?

Thanks mate

  Mad Boy 21:30 04 May 2003

Hey noticed your text at the top, made with Xara 3D5 right?

  Pesala 21:51 04 May 2003

Yes the rotating logos are created in Xara3D version 2.1 or earlier. Great program, and very easy to use. click here for other programs that I used to create the site.

If you look at the first link on the News page, for example, this links to the Classes page. The code on my website is the same as on the stage on my hard disk.

I don't do any of this coding. NOF does it all for me. I am only just beginning to learn how it works.

<A HREF="../html/classes.html"><B><FONT COLOR="#004080" SIZE="+2" FACE="Times New Roman,Times,Times NewRoman">New Venue for Meditation and Dhamma Classes</B></FONT></A>

  Mad Boy 21:55 04 May 2003

so why is your adress .org? did you have to pay for a domain or host?

  Pesala 21:57 04 May 2003

I expect you have to pay for that one too (°_°)

  Mad Boy 21:59 04 May 2003


  Mad Boy 22:00 04 May 2003

oh sorry thought you said what is your name?

My name is that because i couldnt think of anything else. Am i annoying like? I try not to be!

  Pesala 22:18 04 May 2003

No offence meant, I am sure, and none taken, but what has my personal details got to do with your original problem? Someone donated the webspace for me and registered the domain too. I have no idea how much it costs. Registration of a *.org name with One and One is just £8.99 a year.

  Mad Boy 22:22 04 May 2003

sorry if i was a bit nosey, meant to harm i can assure you. But .org .co.uk .com etc is related to my question in a way.

Sorry, just curious. Anyway do you use Delphi? If so i made a new post. Im stuck with something

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