Website problems using Internet explorer

  chris6891 21:19 15 Feb 2008

Hi all, hoping you can help

I'm experiencing some problems with a website I made when viewing it with internet explorer (it's happened on multiple versions).

Everything displays fine at first, but then when I scroll down and back up again, some of the text dissapears randomly from the navigation bar at the side. The text which dissapears changes depending on how far you scroll down etc.
Once you run the mouse over the missing text, it displays again fine. It's extremely strange.

This problem doesn't happen in firefox, so I'm a little confused as to what it could be. The website is for a course project, so I'm a little worried handing it in with this problem with Internet Explorer, as this is the most common browser on campus.

Any help with this would be appreciated if anyone has heard of this before. Unfortunately it isn't online at the moment to demonstrate.


  Kemistri 21:43 15 Feb 2008

That is reminiscent of the old "peekaboo" bug that afflicted IE6 (and 5.5 I think) but not an exact description of it.

Post a link if possible, please.

  Kemistri 22:42 15 Feb 2008

Almost certainly the peekaboo bug, now that I think about it. That applies if you have a floated element nearby, so if that's the case, check out the Holly Hack: click here

  chris6891 00:56 16 Feb 2008

Hi Kemistri thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately it happens when I use IE7 too, yet the fix you suggested is apparently not an issue with IE7.

Sorry, but right now I can't post a link I was just wondering if anyone could picture this and has possibly experienced this in the past.

To try and explain again, it only affects the navigation bar. Within the box is text and the box retrieves its values from a CSS document which just states its background colour and borders.

If I take away the CSS document, the text within the navigation area appears fine, and doesn't dissapear (and come back when scrolled over) when scrolling up and down the page. which makes me think its something to do with the CSS lines.

Does this help diagnose it at all? Any more advise much appreciated.

Thanks all

  Kemistri 01:06 16 Feb 2008

The way in which you describe CSS suggests that you are new to it. Is that the case?

You really need to get this up on a test server someplace, because I need to see your code in order to fix the bug.

Your description matches the peekaboo bug, and this kind of behaviour can still occur in IE7 if your coding is not up to scratch. I assume that you have validated your markup, but if you have not, please do so.

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