Website with a password?

  Dirty Dick 08:35 01 Feb 2005

Fairly new to this website thingy. Is it possible to have a website where access is limited to people who have a password, issued by me via e-mail. If so, how secure would it be?


  russ4409 16:47 01 Feb 2005

yes, the last person is right. what kind of language are you programing in, i.e html, php .
also are you trying to protect a database of records that only you can update etc..

  Taran 20:50 01 Feb 2005

Yes, it is possible but unless you really need to do this I'd question the time and effort involved.

Since most web hosts support PHP and many offer MySQL database(s) you can set up anything from a simple .htaccess file to protect your content right through to a fully automated PHP user registration/login program.

As fourm member suggests, more detail from you could assist in useful suggestions.

There are many roads to reach your goal state and one may be more appropriate than another, depending on your actual requirements and server support.

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