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  Stuart Leyland 12:40 02 Jan 2003
  Stuart Leyland 12:40 02 Jan 2003

Afternoon all.

With having two weeks off from school I decided to do something productive (not to mention it was a good excuse to stop my sister going on the computer!) and so I have designed a website for my uncle's holiday home in Normandy, France.

I would appreciate any comments on the website please which you can find if you click here

The majority of the site is written in HTML but sections of it, the calendar and sections of the two forms, are written in PHP for extra functionality.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



  Griff. 12:54 02 Jan 2003

Nice and simple layout - Quick loading and easy to navigate. Nothing too flashy which will help those on dial-up..

All said and done - the principle of Keep It Simple works again.


  recap 12:55 02 Jan 2003

Well Stuart Leyland, you seem to have done it again, good fast loading site, clear discriptions, well laid out and user freindly.

  Stuart Leyland 12:57 02 Jan 2003

Thank you both, comments like that really do make the job worthwhile :)

Is there anything you feel I could improve on?

  Djohn 12:57 02 Jan 2003

Looks great to me Stuart, nice layout and most important, loads quick. Well done.J.

  recap 13:03 02 Jan 2003

I don't think it needs improving Stuart Leyland. It's fast loading is one of the keys to successful web design. Nobody wants to hang around waiting for a page to load up. The layout is good easy naviagation, just right.

keep up the good work!

  Stuart Leyland 13:06 02 Jan 2003

Thanks Djohn and recap. When doing a website quick loading is one of the main points I keep in mind. Out of interest, what speed connection are you both on? As I am now on broadband, loading time is very quick anyway but I'd like to see how long the pages containing pictures take to load up on 56K.

  Sir Radfordin™ 13:11 02 Jan 2003

Nice site.

Could've missed it and if I did then its not obvious enough, or its not there, but it doesn't say how much this place costs! Thats the key bit of info.

  Djohn 13:12 02 Jan 2003

I'm on 56k with aol and the pictures loaded instantly, even pages with 3 pics. on. and as others say, you can move from page to page very quickly. A site that will encourage people to have a look round. J.

  Taran 13:15 02 Jan 2003

Hi Stuart

Long time no see.

Nice job (again)

You'll be keeping on my toes at this rate.

The colourscheme is a touch on the bold side, but that's probably just me (I'm colourblind, so what looks normal to most appears anything but to me).

I like the drop down navigation bar and even on narrowband it's fast loading (seconds per page for the image pages and blink of an eye for the text pages).

Since you're using FrontPage XP, when you edit a page look at the bottom right corner of your FrontPage window. It tells you there how long in seconds the page will take to load over a 28.8k modem. Right click on that point and select 56K for the relevant time to load details. It's normally quite accurate and reasonably realistic in its estimation of page load times.

Well done yet again.

Best regards


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