Website ok in explorer and Opera but not Firefox?

  murgle 19:49 25 Feb 2005


I switched from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox as my web browser a few months back and have started to notice quite a few websites that work correctly or do not look right when using Firefox.

I am altering a few things on my website using Frontpage 2000 and have been testing it with Explorer, Opera and Firefox. When viewing the site with Explorer and Opera it looks fine, but when viewing with Firefox the line spacings, tables and cells just dont align like they should.

I know that Firefox is the up and coming web browser and realise my website needs to look right on it, but what can I do to make it look right? Is it a problem with Firefox or Frontpage? and why is it ok with Opera?

Any advice appreciated.

Thanks very much

  LeadingMNMs 10:04 26 Feb 2005

I'm not sure how your designing the website but if your using CSS then you'll probably have to be very specific. I believe that browsers default to their own value and hence things like padding, margins and alignments may be different if left to auto, or not specified at all.

  Taran 12:21 26 Feb 2005

I don't know of any single web browser that correctly interprets CSS level 1, never mind the CSS2 specification that many designers are currently using, and don't even mention CSS3...

The same could be said to a slightly lesser degree about plain vanilla HTML, especially silly things like table borders. You'd have thought that any browser could cope properly with table border, widths and even colours. Think again...

Some browsers get it more right or less wrong, depending on your point of view, but they all mess things up to one degree or another - some of them spectacularly so.

I write to cater to the majority browsers but also take the minority into account as much as I can. This often results in browser specific code hacks or even entirely separate CSS files which are loaded via a browser sniffer to cater to certain browser idiosyncracies (aka "BUGS").

Who'd be a web designer ?

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