website novice.

  Rennaissance 12:02 01 Feb 2004

Hi just a small problem im having here. I was creating a website using dreamweaver, and i inserted three frames on one page as index.htm. But although i can name the frames i cannot name the whole thing. So when i visit that page i made there is always the untitled page text on the browser. Does anyone know how i can name the whole thing.

  igk 15:43 02 Feb 2004

Hello, I use M$ frontpage so can only give an idea and my opinion (always try to avoid using frames in a website they nearly always create problems)As far as I know you cannot name a group of frames (in your case 3)the same,if you have one frame that will be there all the time ie your initial welcome page then call that "index.htm" then if say you have a vertical frame on the left for navigation call that "indexleft.htm" and if your other frame is a top horizontal (for a site banner) call that "indextop.htm" Make sure that your web hoster uses "index.htm" and not "index.html" (some do! and if so substitute html for htm)I am sure someone else will jump in here but as said I have used this combination myself and it works fine. hope this helps.

  Rennaissance 16:05 02 Feb 2004

but previously using dw i have done this and named the group on one of my sites. cant do it now for some reason/

  Taran 16:36 02 Feb 2004

Let's say you have index.html, which displays three files as a frameset, called top.html, left.html and main.html

In your main frameset file [index.html] you need to adjust the <title>Untitled Document</title> tags to reflect the title of your site, along the lines of <title>My Website</title>.

The individual elements of the frame pages ae controlled by the host frameset file and loaded by it. Title the main file and everything displayed in it or as part of it will have the same title as that host file.

I'm assuming this is what you mean.

  Rennaissance 17:31 02 Feb 2004

yes i do mean that, i will have a look for that untitled page in the html coding of index.htm. I have three frames on on top called top.htm one bottom called bottom.htm and the main window called main.htm.

  Rennaissance 17:35 02 Feb 2004

Hello. I have finally figured it out thanks to you all. Well i first tried finding the untitled document in dreamweaver but to no avail. So i opened index.htm with notepad and lo and behold it was right there. Edited it and now it is showning up just fine. Thanks again.

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