rotormota 06:31 07 May 2006

My website has been up & running for about a year now but I'm wondering on load up times for the homepage. On my PC (2.2mbps BB) it takes about 10 seconds from scratch with all cookies/history/files cleared but I have had reports of it taking much longer on the same speed BB.

click here


  De Marcus™ 09:21 07 May 2006

8 secs on 10mbps (I am downloading knoppix at present though)

  rotormota 12:10 07 May 2006

Thanks DM. So no issue there then?


  mco 14:37 07 May 2006

My laptop -on a wireless network - says 11mbps but it took 57 seconds for everything to download.

  De Marcus™ 14:52 07 May 2006

Cleared cache, temp files, etc, tried again > approx 10-12 secs on blueyonder 10mb service.

  De Marcus™ 15:01 07 May 2006
  De Marcus™ 15:07 07 May 2006

Whoops, try running the test yourself click here , it doesn't bode well for dial up and even some broadband users.

  ade.h 16:06 07 May 2006

I visited your site a few days ago to see what it was like now and it did seem a little bit slow. It was the new links at the bottom (with stars) that took the longest to load, but it wasn't massively sluggish as I could see constant progress. I have just had another look and it it's perhaps slightly quicker. It's about ten seconds when counting in my head.

  rotormota 07:19 08 May 2006

Thanks DM. The analyzer gives a lot of useful info but I tried it on another site known to be very simple & it still gave out cautions & warnings.

That said, I have made a few format changes to the homepage which I think may make it a tad quicker?


  ade.h 15:29 08 May 2006

That's better!

Right away, I could see proper text next to the stars instead of the symbols that were initially displayed and the rest of the page loads quicker as a result.

  rotormota 17:33 08 May 2006

Thanks Ade. Actually I had converted all that 'star' text to curves. Previously as proper type for some reason it appeared with rather rough edges. I have now converted back from curves to type hence the quicker loading &, mysteriously, the letters do not appear rough any longer.

Can converting to curves be a good thing?


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