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  thegreypanther 19:42 11 Dec 2008

Can anybody recommend a good website link check program?
I am currently using Xenu's Link Checker, and have previously found it to be very useful.
But for a website of mine which I am now trying to check for broken links, Xenu is producing over 40 pages of errors in its report where the "broken" links are "time-outs" or "no connection".
The links are certainly there, and the website is working. But the surfeit of alleged error reports is masking the broken links which REALLY matter.
Any suggestions?

  Kemistri 02:30 15 Dec 2008

Link checking software has never even crossed my mind, really, when you can do it on-line just fine. There are lots of link checking websites (such as the W3C's tool), apps (try Linkchecker at Sourceforge for example), and even a Firefox add-on.

If you still get timeouts from other tools, you may need to look at the performance of your server or your code.

  thegreypanther 09:33 15 Dec 2008

Thanks, Kemistri.

I use Xenu after reading an article in PC Advisor,and have previously found it to be extremely good. The biggest benefit of Xenu is that you can produce a printed report, and then work through all the problem links, - checking them off one-by-one.
I worked round my current problem by selecting one of the report options in Xenu.
The website I needed checking was
click here
I probably DO have coding problems, but the website seems to work OK nonetheless.

I'll have a look at Linkchecker at Sourceforge and see how it compares with Xenu.

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