Website Icons are all IE icons !!

  tehtarek 05:13 12 Jun 2005

I create a lot of shortcuts to websites and keep these shortcuts on my desktop, quicklaunch bar, etc. Except for a few rare cases, they are all represented by the IE icon. Sometimes even the rare 'true' icons are hijacked and replaced with the IE icon.

It takes nnecessary time to hover mouse over each IE icon before I find the one for the website I want to visit.

Is this a fault in my pc, OS, IE, or is it normal? And will kind souls please help me retain the 'true' icons?

  dublincity 06:43 12 Jun 2005

I saw the same question raised here a couple of months ago. Somebody gave directions for changing the icons to the 'true' ones. It'll be in the archives somewhere. Maybe try
typing 'icon' into the Search box?

  radi8or 07:05 12 Jun 2005


Try this
click here

Regards Bob

  Andybear 07:19 12 Jun 2005

If you're unable to retain the 'true' icons why not simply give the shortcuts the names of the web sites?

  VoG II 08:07 12 Jun 2005

FavOrg also from click here - no need to subscribe.

  tehtarek 02:33 13 Jun 2005

DublinCity, yes, sorry to everyone, I did check after posting. There was one by sillysoo.

Radi8or and Vog, I tried FavOrg then. Still using it every few months to update links etc. FavOrg gets the 'true' icon, but only display in the Favourites place. Nothing changes on DT and LB.

AndyBear, I do that. But still...

Thanks all.

  tehtarek 09:41 14 Jun 2005

crx 1600,

Thanks very much for your advice. I couldnt get it right the way you suggested. However, your suggestions led me to try another way which turned out successful.

1. Save the site into 'Favourites'. Can see site saved with its icon.
2. Run FavOrg, highlight the saved website, hit Go! The site's icon will appear.
3. Open My Favourites folder, refresh it. Can see the site's icon.
4. Copy the 'fav'.
5. Paste the 'fav' onto DT. The icon appears.
6. Left-click, hold and pull the icon onto the QL bar.

Happiness. A longish route, but it works.

Sorry if I've been long-winded.
Thanks again, All, esply crx1600.

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