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  EmBeZzLeR 17:27 27 Apr 2003

Does anyone know how i can make people entering my site agree to the terms and conditions before that can view any pages. For example, say they entered my webpage and ended up at the index page, it should take you back to the disclaimer page until you agree with the terms.

I hope you know what i mean.


E m B e Z z L e R

  Taran 17:48 27 Apr 2003

The simple way which you can copy and paste into the body of your page is as follows:


function Info()


if (!confirm("Type your message here to warn people that by proceeding they are agreeing to your terms and conditions........... Press <OK> to enter. Press <Cancel> if you want to change your mind.......... "))

history.go(-1);return " "



Note that all you get from this is a pop up message with your typed warning that proceeding beyond that point assumes that your visitor is agreeing to your terms and conditions. If you want full on page redirecting and protected areas, you need to start thinking about ASP pages or similar. If someone knows or guesses that say, a page called URL/page2 . htm is where they want to go and your warning/terms and conditions/page redirect is on URL/page1 . htm, all they need to do is type in the relevant address.

About the quickest way to control access to pages that I know of for anyone, whether you are technically minded or not, is the excellent CoffeeCup Password Wizard from click here

If you need something more sophisticated than the above, post again.



  AndySD 17:51 27 Apr 2003

Make the index page the Disclaimer the Enter button taking you to what is now your index page.

Then look through the free javascript sites for a script that will take people directly linking into a page to the index page (I've seen one somewhere....but cant remember where) This only works for people with java enabled. click here is a good place to start.

  AndySD 17:52 27 Apr 2003

D'oh too slow

  EmBeZzLeR 17:59 27 Apr 2003

Thanks, i'll give them both a try but i don't think a pop up will be a good idea because many people like myself use something to stop them.

  Taran 18:17 27 Apr 2003

It's not a pop-up in the sense that you might think, although I've never tested it with pop-up killers since I don't bother using them.

It's a form dialog so in theory should be OK.

Don't quote me on that though !

Perhaps you'd be good enough to get back to me once you've tried it.

As I said initially, it's not a very sophisticated solution, but it does work.

  EmBeZzLeR 18:30 27 Apr 2003

ah I know what you mean now, i tried it out... i guess that will do for now.

Thanks Taran.

  tbh72 03:36 28 Apr 2003

PS The coffeecup password wizard has two format's. You can either choose JAVA or FLASH.

  Pesala 10:36 28 Apr 2003

With a name like EmBeZzleR? (~_~)

  EmBeZzLeR 13:32 28 Apr 2003

Because i'm GOD!!!

  Taran 16:44 28 Apr 2003

Actually, all fun aside, Pesala does raise an interesting point about your terms.

This is one of the big site turn-offs where many site visitors may be discouraged from proceeding at all if you try to force them into agreeing to your terms, whatever they may be.

While it may be necessary or desirable in some instances to include terms and conditions as part of a site entry procedure, or to password protect or otherwise restrict certain areas of a site, for most sites it is entirely unnecessary to go beyond your copyright and name/company name details at the bottom of your pages.

I'm sure that you've probably considered this in full though.


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