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  nique 20:04 10 Aug 2006

i have my background as far as colors but how do i get images that move and how do i get music videos and sound for different pages and also how do i develop a chat room for on of my pages

  splatter 00:47 11 Aug 2006

Firstly lets address the issue of background images. To start, I would NOT recommend that you use a MOVING background image. They can be very distracting and put people off your site completely. Even still images need to be used carfully and very subtly (look at this site), and often just a solid colour is best.

That said there are several ways of loading a background image, but for now we can use the following:

<body background="./images/background.gif">

This will set an image called 'background.gif' in your folder 'images' as your background image. If the image you want to use is called something else then, obviously, just change 'background.gif' to whaterver your image is called.

  PurplePenny 14:53 11 Aug 2006

What is your site about? Does it *need* moving images, videos and sound? If they are not absolutely necessary then don't use them as they are all a great turn off to many people and will drive casual users of your site away.

  nique 15:21 11 Aug 2006

ok i hear what u saying so how do i develop a chat room for my website the easiest and simplest way and do u know about flash chat and also how do i code to get an order form on my page

  nique 14:45 05 Sep 2006

how do i code two rows of nested frames in one frame and how do i create a frameset containing two columns with a blue frame border and 10 pixels in width. And also how do i display my contents in a frame

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