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  SumKindaMonster 22:58 27 Feb 2004

Hey guys can you have a quick check over my website

click here

i have been told that their are bad links but i cant find any.

Fell free to comment on any improvements i could make.

also register on the forum if youre interested more members make for better convos.


  D-Frame 23:24 27 Feb 2004

Everything works fine for me... no problems also all the links work fine.

  PurplePenny 23:43 27 Feb 2004

All the links that I tried are working. The only links that I didn't try were the ones on the Media page.

I love the overall look of the site. It is a tad sparse at the moment - I would like to see photos of the band performing in addition to the individual photos. You probably don't want to put pictures over your background image but to promote the band you really do need some photos.

From the look of the site and the name of the band I expected you to look a bit more Goth :-)


  SumKindaMonster 09:44 28 Feb 2004

A lot of people expect that from us but were heading towards the 80's metal look.

And if you go to the media page theres a photos link that goes to out gallery.

Im still looking at what to bulk the site out with as its my first html effort previous site was moonfruit.

thanks for the input

  PurplePenny 21:18 28 Feb 2004

Ah! I didn't spot that the first time that I went to the Media page. At first glance I took it for part of the heading. Maybe the link to the gallery should be in the main navigation - it was the first thing that I looked for and was surprised that I couldn't find one.

BTW - the links on the links page are all over the place on my screen. I think that it's 'cos' you've used lots of non-breaking spaces (nbsp) to space them out and it doesn't work the same on every browser/resolution.

"the 80's metal look"

You'll need longer hair :-)

Just out of interest which album art are you going to use?


  SumKindaMonster 21:43 28 Feb 2004

at the moment were unsure as we like most of them. We have a poll on the message board to help us decide.

and i know about the hair mines growing out slowly but surely.

im gonna add a gallery link to the main nav.

Also if your interested we have studio time booked for tomorrow so we should be able to get most of it recorded properly.

  PurplePenny 22:02 28 Feb 2004

All the best for tomorrow :-)

  SumKindaMonster 22:09 28 Feb 2004

thanks alot

  Forum Editor 09:36 29 Feb 2004

and I particularly like your main background graphic . Like Penny I found the links on the links page were all over my screen, and some of the text on other pages wasn't properly justified either.

If I have one big piece of advice it's 'Better images', but I'm sure you have that on the list. There's no substitute for some really professional images, properly lit, and if you can afford it I think you'll benefit enormously from a session with a Pro photographer. I know a good one if you're stuck - he's a fashion photographer, and superb at making people look good.

Otherwise, the navigation could be sharpened up a little - some of the links aren't where people will expect them to be, but from what you've said to Penny it looks as if you have that in hand. This subject of site navigation is an interesting one; despite the attempts of many people to come up with innovative navigation schemes there has never been anything to improve on the 'side-bar buttons with top or bottom text links' schema that was introduced years ago when the internet was a baby. People expect to see that format, and they react badly when they don't find it.

Good luck with the site and the band. I wish we had access to such technology when I was in a band in the 60's (I know, I know!) and had to work seemingly endless hours in a petrol station to save enough for my first Gibson ES-335, bought from Lew Davis in the Charing Cross road. Happy days.

  SumKindaMonster 13:32 29 Feb 2004

thanks im going to sort the navigation later today. And how much was that guitar?

And that photographer where is he/she based?

  Forum Editor 14:36 29 Feb 2004

cost me £100 - which was a small fortune. I was working (in a very junior position) in the computer department of a multi-national company during the day, and doing a petrol forecourt shift in the evening to supplement my income (no self-service petrol stations then, at least not where I lived). We rehearsed in my father's garage, and gigged in the pubs at weekends. Seems like another life now.

The photographer's based in North London,and is in his early twenties. He's making his way, freelancing in a highly competitive business, and he was looking for private commissions when I last saw him.

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