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  STREETWORK 20:38 14 Apr 2003

I have uploaded a website that makes use of frames to ensure consistancy and ease of navigation. My problem is that search engines pick up the site and when the link is clicked to a section of the website only the content frame is seen but not the left or upper frame. How can I ensure that the whole mainframe is displayed when a link is clicked? look forward to replys click here

  Taran 20:46 14 Apr 2003

You can't.

Not with any guarantee of reliability anyway.

You can use a robots text file to encourage indexing of your pages or even to disallow indexing of some of them, but the trouble with frames is and always has been that one page is typically made of two or three different html documents displayed at the same time, so a search engine simply reads the main page and indexes it. It doesn't give two hoots whether your navigation links are on a left, top or bottom panel. It is only concerned with the main page content.

Frames look good when done properly, but the majority of web designers give them a very wide berth for this and other reasons. You can achieve more or less the same results by and large with clever use of tables on a single page and you have the advantage of full search engine indexing.

Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but there you have it.



  Taran 20:50 14 Apr 2003

I should have added that unless your individual pages need to be indexed you could always have a static non-framed index.html document.

Some people are quite happy if just their homepage is indexed since this then allows access to the rest of the site, so if you put a lot of relevant descriptive text on the page and your usual meta tags it will at least give people the gateway into the rest of your site.

Failing that, I'm afraid a static page site is your only reall guarantee of getting every page indexed.

  Cam-330894 20:51 14 Apr 2003

If you already have the majority of the site in place, try modifying the index page as a say frame_index.

Make your new index page a non-frame page
have one link to the frame_index page.
This will save you having to rewrite the site and gives you the consistency you want.

  STREETWORK 21:20 14 Apr 2003

Thanks for the posts, i will try both methods mentioned and seee the results. Also the no-bots on some of the indexed pages, just thought could I make any page click through automatically and descretly to the home page? something like the redirect method used on some sites, like PC advisors, how do they do that. by the way I am a novice at this on a steep learning curve.

  harristweed 21:47 14 Apr 2003

Your problem is that a frame page is really 3 (or more)pages. The Frame and 2(at least) other pages that are in the frame. If a page of the frame set is indexed by a search engine it will open as a single page. Not what you want. You can use java script to check if your page is is in a frame set or not and if not load the required frame set. I'm sure that a search will find the script you require. This might be a good place to start
click here

  davidg_richmond 01:18 15 Apr 2003

you need to either create the noframes pages as above, use the java checker or create a frameset for each page (instead of 2 reused frames for every subpage, create a set of 3 frames for EACH page, time consuming and annoying) click here

  tbh72 02:15 15 Apr 2003

I have some code which is used for security to prevent access to sub folders of websites. If you are able to place all of your site other than Index.html into subfolders, this code would then redirect visitors to the mainframe (index.html) page of your website.

  tbh72 02:18 15 Apr 2003

It would say something like......

"You have accessed the site incorrectly - Please wait a moment whilst we return you to the index page"

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