Website is a folder online

  PC Advisor Fan 13:56 11 Feb 2009

Hi Everyone,

I have a website click here and because I use Joomla I have all the Joomla files in a folder called site, when someone types in click here I wanted it to automaticly go to click here, i have tried a bit of javascript but wondered it there is any other way.

I use CPanel

  PC Advisor Fan 14:26 11 Feb 2009

thanks for you quick reply

i can't because those files link to MYSQL Databases

  PC Advisor Fan 14:27 11 Feb 2009

forgot to add that search engines are important

  Kemistri 17:44 11 Feb 2009

Grab the .htaccess file off your server - or make one if necessary - and add a DirectoryIndex entry. It can point to a file in a sub-directory.

  Forum Editor 22:37 11 Feb 2009

what Kemistri has said. If you're not sure about how to handle changes to your .htaccess file (or how to create one) post back in this thread and one of us will help you through the process

  PC Advisor Fan 08:57 12 Feb 2009


I have an .htaccess file how do I add an entry to it, i know you need to open it in notepad but I'm not sure what to add to it

  PC Advisor Fan 09:46 12 Feb 2009


  Kemistri 15:43 12 Feb 2009

There was no point in bumping your thread in less than an hour, at that time of day, in this forum!

It's better to open server files in a text/code editor rather than Notepad. Try Vim or Notepad++.

With .htaccess, every entry takes a new line and this particular entry takes this format:

DirectoryIndex /nameoffolder/nameoffile.extension

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