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  WombleRabbit 14:16 22 Oct 2012

Hi I am in need of some Help Advice Tips etc etc,

I have been assigned by my to get a website sorted out for them and haven't the foggiest where to start.

They already have a Domain Name so that bit is sorted, but I have no clue how to design a website myself from scratch so I would probably go down the use a Template route but are you able to change the Color & layout of these templates and what site is the best and user friendliest as in could a 5 year use it.

Once the Website is designed I would then have to go and find a Hosting Site to use they are not a massive company so to speak so I am not sure the best type of host type that would be appropriate I was thinking about shared? And is there any you lot recommend cheap, good review, good customer service etc etc. They did ask about using our computers at but I am unsure about this as I was reading up about it and you need to have high level security and the speed of the Internet they require wouldn’t be possible probably depends on what you mean a fast connection speed.

Most of you may read this and think he is un helpable and how has this person actually got a job in the first place but this is not my area of expertise in fact I am still trying to find out what is.. lol

But any help and advice would be appreciated and look forward to man replies with help n advice

  Ansolan 22:30 22 Oct 2012

Presumably the business wants a website to create profit but doesn't want to spend any money. Rarely works out, due to the failure of understanding what the site is truly for and how objectives can be achieved. Building a website is a step on a path for a business, not an end in itself

If the need is literally just for a "brochure" website, so people can see online information from URLs on business cards, or whatever, you could try somewhere like:

Or an assortment of WSYIWYG website builders, too many to name. A few here:

If the business owner is expecting the website to actually bring business e.g. via search, or interact in any significant way with users, the current path is not good. There are odd places who will help, if you mention the location and I know of any, will pass that on. Even so, almost all will require you to pay to an extent.

Not that investing to see a return is an unreasonable business idea. Expecting an employee with zero knowledge to magically produce a business website is.

  Forum Editor 00:02 23 Oct 2012

I agree with every word of Ansolan's post. I'm quite sure you'll give this your best shot, but if your employer expects anything more involved than a simple shop window site as a first attempt there's going to be a problem.

The learning curve involved in developing an effective, professional e-commerce site is a steep one, and unless you have some training and/or experience of this kind of work you'll be daunted by it.

Is your company selling to consumers, or is this a purely business to business site?

Can you give us some idea of the products or services involved without divulging any confidential information?

How long do you have for this project?

Are you reasonably computer-literate?

Don't worry about hosting at this stage - that's the easy part.

  WombleRabbit 11:36 23 Oct 2012

First off would like to say thanks for the replies much appreciated.

I am fairly computer literate, well more then the other workers so I think that is why they asked me to do it or they want to see how I cope with this maybe a test who knows.

The website will not be used to sell products online it would be more of an extended business card showing our contact details, a bit about our services, the services we provide & the history of the company and our experience etc etc. As we are not selling any products on the site I am hoping that the process wont be that in depth and tricky we are in the Freight Industry but trying to find a website Template that focuses on that has been hard but I am sure that you must be able to tinker the templates to add your own pictures to the header and box layout, and hopefully wont need to be maintained much in ways of updating it.

They haven’t given me a Time Limit on getting it up and running but I am looking to get it up n sorted as quickly as possible by this I don’t mean go in full steam and come out with something rubbish that needs constant editing etc I want to get it right the first time round.

About the hosting part I have seen some sites like & also I have come across a website called joomula that do combined website templates & hosting in one package are these any good? And should I stick to UK based companies because I have noticed company’s based in other countries selling template / hosting offers.

  Forum Editor 14:22 23 Oct 2012

"The website will not be used to sell products online"

That simplifies the project considerably, and from that you say it seems that you need what's called a brochure site. Designing and publishing such a site is fairly straightforward, once you get the hang of the WYSIWYG software you'll be using. WYSIWYG stands for 'What You See Is What You get', and it's a pretty good description of this method of working.

You'll need to start by installing the software on the computer you'll be using, and with this in mind you might like to take a look at this it's an excellent program for people who - like you - don't have a great deal of previous experience with site design. It's relatively easy to use, and will enable you to create a professional-looking site. As with all new experiences you'll be on a learning curve, but with some hard work and a bit of design flair you'll soon be off and running.

In the meantime it would be a good idea to set up a hosting account and register a domain name. My personal recommendation as far as hosts go is a company called Heart Internet. I have dealt with them for quite a few years, and have always found them to be a friendly, efficient company. You'll have a choice of hosting plans to choose from, starting with a basic one for around £2:50 a month. To begin with this would be fine for your needs. You can register a name of your choice with them when you set up the account. Other people may have their own recommendations to make, but I advise you to stick to a UK-based host if you can.

Once you've done all that you'll be ready to start. By all means post back in this thread for more help and advice along the way.

  WombleRabbit 18:01 23 Oct 2012

Thanks Mr Forum Editor Cheeky Wink

I will take on board what you have said and have a pop at that site and post back if I Hit a Wall, Probably Will :)

Again Thanks your Awesome

  Forum Editor 23:05 23 Oct 2012

You are bound to hit a wall, in fact you'll hit several along the way. When you do, come here and ask for help, that's why we're here.

Take time to think about your site before you begin - work out how many pages you need, and get an idea about the look you want to achieve. Write up the text that you'll be including, or get someone else to do it, and make sure that you carefully check every word and sentence for spelling an punctuation errors - nothing brands a site as 'amateur' more than badly-written text.

Find the images you'll use, and make sure you have the copyright for them.

Do all that and then start working with the software you've decided on. You'll be able to preview your site in a selection of browsers from within the design program, so you will see it as it will finally appear on the web.

Good luck.

  WombleRabbit 11:02 24 Oct 2012

ooo Forgot about Copyright on the Picture's,

so it's not wise then to find some images via google and save them to my desktop and use them on the webpage. have to bare that in mind

I had a look at that web builder site "Serif Web Plus 6" last night and WOW it looks tricky and complicated but going to have a play around with it over the weekend and see how it feels and decide if i will give it a go and make a start.

and I will be getting someone else to write up the text because mine is BAD..

Thanks again you lot - Big Thumbs Up!!

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