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  caast©? 15:54 25 Mar 2005

Hi I have completed my website, using Dreamweaver.

I found it quite easy to use and apart from layers and tables not dispalaying where you would expect; it is a breeze to work with doing just about everything . Whilst everything works fine in my browser when testing once I uploaded to my webspace, it shows my index page and thumbs but I cannot navigate the site. When I look at the source code it all appears to refer to my PC and rather convoluted.

This is an example of the code for a link which when clicked on (Thumb Picture) should navigate to page one from the index page.

a href=
"file:///C|/reality/pageone.htm"> img src="file:///C|/reality/thumbs/035.jpg" width="75" height="95" border="0" alt="pageone"> /a>

three forward slashes C/Root Folder/

If I was using Html surley it should read a href= "pageone.htm"> and the Image which incidentley is displaying in IE but NOT in Firefox just img scr= /thumbs/"035.jpg"

Do I have to redo the site and get rid of all this extra code or is there away I can get around this?

  Michendi 20:10 25 Mar 2005

The good news is that you won't have to redo your site.

The problem has to do with "paths". Dreamweaver has 4 ways of setting up paths, namely, absolute; document-relative; physical and root-relative. The most appropriate way for a website that you develop on your PC and then upload to an ISP is to set the paths to document-relative.

For a full discussion on the subject, in Dreamweaver click on Help > Using Dreamweaver (or press F1). Click on Index and then type in paths in the search field.

When you have got the paths sorted I suggest that to fix your current problem that it would be best to access the remote site, delete all the files, return to the local view and then use the Synchronise option (right click on site root in local view to display options menu, one of the items is Synchronise).

That should fix the problem.

  caast©? 00:11 26 Mar 2005

Thanks for that it is a big site so a real worry if I was going to have to redo with Html.

A little late now but will sort out Sat.

I presume by return to local view you mean within Dreamweaver? M.

  Michendi 08:34 26 Mar 2005

Yes, I mean Local View within DW.

The simplest way to fix this problem is to create a new Folder for your site in Windows Explorer (e.g. MySite_2). Open up Dreamweaver and set the "paths" option to "document-relative". Using the DW "Manage Sites" option create a new site using the new Folder (MySite_2) that you created as the site folder. Return to Windows Explorer and Copy all the files from the old folder to the New Folder (MySite_2). Return to DW and open the old site. Connect to your ISP and delete all the files on the ISP server (the Remote site). Break the connection and return to DW Local View. From withing DW select the new site. Connect to your ISP and using the Synchronise option upload the files to the ISP server. The problem will be fixed.

  caast©? 10:15 26 Mar 2005

Thanks for that, I don't know if will get round to sorting out today as we have visitors, staying.

However will get around to it as soon as possible, I really wanted to get it up and running before I return to work, Monday up at 4.30 am, and with clocks going forward will need to be in bed pretty early.

I will let you know as soon as it is running, M

  pmorff 22:11 15 Apr 2005

It might be a common problem where you did not save all of your files in the same folder on your PC.
When you upload the pages not all have been added becaus ethey are in a different folder.
The links will work on your PC because they are all on your hard drive.
Once uploaded they are basically broken links.

solution, make sure that all of you pages / files are in the same folder. Recheck all of the links and correct them if needed, this should be easy enough in Dreamweaver.
Then update all of your files onto the server.

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