Website behaving strangely

  ukmobil 12:35 18 Oct 2008

I have encountered a really strange problem with access to a members only website I subscribe to. Basically, it contains a database of horse racing statistics which can be queried in many ways to gain information relating to specific criteria.

What happens is that parts of the sifting process is not returning the information, to me, that is being seen by other members on the website or the webmaster. To explain further - the method of choosing which criteria you wish to examine is by means of checking selection boxes. I can do this and set the database search into action but, whereas other users are rewarded by viewing a list of qualifiers, I receive a message saying that there is no matching criteria to act on. However that is not correct and others have used exactly the same data and obtained results.

Let me say that the problem does not in any way appear to involve the actual website construction or its method of handling the database. Sufficient members have confirmed that they don't have the problem to persuade me that this is specific to my setup.

However, it is a little stranger than that since not only does my desktop computer display the fault but so does my wife's laptop and my Nokia tablet. The common denominator is that they all access the Internet via a Netgear DG834GT wireless router. With my limited knowledge of the router settings, I have not seen anything untoward.

I've tried connecting to the website through a proxy server - same result.
I have deleted cookies and the cache on my machine - pointless really, since the other 2 machines have the same problem.

So, to sum up, my Internet connection to a particular website interacts differently to those of others. How can this be?
Any assistance will be most appreciated.

  brundle 13:25 18 Oct 2008

Reset the router and / or experiment with MTU size; click here

  ukmobil 13:37 18 Oct 2008

Thanks for the suggestions.

Router was reset and MTU is at optimum but still problem persists. I don't have any trouble connecting to any website or with speeds - it's just the contrary behaviour of one particular site that I'm aware of.

  DieSse 16:48 18 Oct 2008

"The common denominator is that they all access the Internet via a Netgear DG834GT wireless router."

With respect, there is another common denominator - you. It may be that you are not formulating the queries correctly.

Can you check that by accessing the site from a different computer in a different place?

  ukmobil 19:15 18 Oct 2008

That's certainly a valid suggestion and I did just that, this afternoon. The problem is still there - so that now moves the focus to the website and, specifically, to my particular account.

I shall take it up with the web admin and report back.

  ukmobil 11:45 19 Oct 2008

Problem solved - it was down to the way in which my account had been configured on the website.

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