Website bandwidth - What's the significance?

  dotterel 21:52 11 Apr 2007

I've designed a three page website which is 600MB in content and I am looking for a host. Some host services quote a webspace of, say, 1GB and a bandwidth per month of, say, 10GB. Does that mean that every time someone looks at all three pages, it uses up 600MB of my permitted bandwidth?

Pete 00:10 12 Apr 2007


  Forum Editor 23:57 13 Apr 2007

is absolutely enormous, and you'll get very few visitors at that rate, as fourm member points out. I wouldn't dream of waiting while a 200Mb page downloaded.

Something's wrong somewhere, and perhaps you can clarify the situation for us - what is this content that takes up so much bandwidth?

My understanding is that whatever download or upload activity on your site it all counts toward your sites bandwidth limit. So just editing the site or visitors looking all adds up. I have a broadband link at home with a 6Gb limit/mth. Even though I am on the web most days, all day I have never reached the limit. You must consider the size of your site elements and optimise their size.

  dotterel 18:32 29 Apr 2007

Thanks for your replies. I apologise for not replying earlier - I've been away on holiday. Now I've got some time again, I'll check the figures - the site has only a few photos and the rest is text. I'm completely new to all this, so I had no idea that 6ooMb is a silly figure.

I'll tick this as resolved.

  Forum Editor 00:47 30 Apr 2007

and the rest is text"

That sounds more like 6Mb to me, in which case you'll be swimming in bandwidth, so no cause for alarm.

  Jim Thing 16:29 01 May 2007 website currently runs to approx 1400 pages, most of which have one B/W photo apiece with some text. It's coded in self-taught html (frankly the code is a mess, but it works — in IE at least).

The whole thing weighs in at well under 40MB and is hosted for free by my ISP.

"Shomething wrong shomewhere" with your 600MB figure, I fear.

  djbenny 17:24 01 May 2007

bandwidth is the amount you can transfer so if your site is 6megabytes for example if 2 people go on the site it will use 12mb of your bandwidth, im not sure if all hosts use bandwidth for uploading too..

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