Website Address Displaying path to ISP

  caast©? 20:28 15 Apr 2005

I have uploaded my site Created with Dreamweaver4 and everything seems ok.

However the re-direction works ok now, but my webspace URL at the bottom right on the task bar where it shows 'done' at the bottom of the browser appears, instead of my domain, name.

how do I change it so that it shows my domain name, instead of

Also I have a pop up window on the site to enlage a picture,this also shows the path of the picture. i.e click here and not the name of the window I gave it in behaviours.

Again when I click on view source it shows just one line eg.
html> head> title> /title> /head> frameset> frame src="click here" name=""> /frameset> /html>

Can I change this also, as it gives the full path to my ftp:webspace. M

  caast©? 18:41 16 Apr 2005

I just used as an example.

In dreamweaver when you use the behaviours panel it allows you to click on a thumbnail and assign a behaviour. In my case the behaviour is to open a pop up browser window that can be resized have navigation, resize handles, most everything you require to show the resulting picture in that window.

Part of the instructions is to give the window its own name when it pops up. In my case I put picture001, therefore I expected the pop-up window when displayed in the browser, to show colour001.

It does not do this it displays the ftp path to my picture on the site, eg htp//

The task bar also shows the full ftp path to my website, i.e it is not masked, although when I instructed the web forwarding to display my domain I checked the masking instruction which I presumed , would hide the path to my web space.

Likewise when clicking on view source the path to my webspace at pipex is displayed. e.g.[I have replace period with dash to avoid displaying (click-Here)]_
html><head><title>reality-com</title></head><frameset><frame src="click here" name="reality-com"></frameset></html>

  caast©? 18:47 16 Apr 2005

<html><head><title>reality-com</title></head><frameset><frame src="http:--www--abcd01--dsl--pipex--com" name="reality--com"></frameset></html>

  pmorff 01:00 19 Apr 2005

I take that you have inserted the code correctly.
One piece of code missing is <body>......</body>
after the head tag . This could go a long to solving your problem.

  caast©? 19:02 19 Apr 2005

<html><body> this is my website <body/><html/>

do not understand what you mean

  Forum Editor 22:32 20 Apr 2005

to any adult content sites please.

  caast©? 23:52 20 Apr 2005

Sorry about that, held back from Sat, Just regarded as art site and not adult content, but understand where you are comming from.

I should have been more attentive, it was just one of those occasions when I put my foot in before engaging gear.

Apologies for not thinking, fourm member kept asking for link and I just posted without considering the gravity of what I was posting. M

  Fellsider 14:37 10 Mar 2006


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