podlod 08:08 05 Mar 2009

Hi, i know I have discussed this subject before with some of you sometime in the past, but I still need help on a decision.
I desperately wish to have a website for my small business I wish to start on the Internet, but I really have not got a clue. I did toy with the idea on going to the SITE BUILD IT website and I could understand what they were explaining in detail, they also were the web hosting site which was good also as I could redirect all my inquiries there without touching my pc. The only prob was is that I could not afford their hundreds of pounds to start the way the financial prob is at the moment. I dont mind paying for another system like that, but not at that cost.Any ideas please?

  MAJ 08:27 05 Mar 2009

podlod, the price of a site depends on many things. Are you going to create it yourself or get a professional to do it? What will the site consist of. You could get some good hosting for less than £50 per annum and initially put one page up to establish your presence while you're deciding what to do. Try Heart Internet for hosting, they're pretty good. click here

Sorry for my rushed answer, I'm just popping out for an hour or so, but someone will elaborate I'm sure.

  podlod 09:32 05 Mar 2009

Hi, no I wish to create the site myself, but wish the host site to talk me through on building and where to place my site on google, Yahoo,etc;. As i said I wish it to be my host site and pay monthly or yearly at about that price you quoted.The site will give ideas and info regarding photography, and a selling point also.

  Sea Urchin 09:53 05 Mar 2009

You might be better served to post this on the Webdesign forum

  MAJ 10:07 05 Mar 2009

First off, I agree with Sea Urchin, this post would be far better in the Webdesign forum, where Kemistri and FE can get to grips with it and offer their usual good sense advice. Perhaps FE will move it there.

As you're talking about a photography site, which requires some good design, especially if you're going to be selling stuff, I think you should be looking for a good local web designer. That way you can, at least, keep tabs on him/her much easier than you could some online creation company.

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