podlod 07:50 30 Sep 2006

Hi, could somebody tell me if I can make a free website or even have one already made, and how to go about it? and then explain on how I get it up and running, bearing in mind I live in France. All the help would be appreciated as I have not got a clue???? Thanks.

  Forum Editor 07:59 30 Sep 2006

and I'll move it there now.

  Atc123 09:45 30 Sep 2006

Most free websites have either banners or pop ups.

However there are ways of making free websites. You can either sign up to sites like msn spaces(blogs) or you can sign up for piczo sites. these arent the most professional looking. To create a free site that looks much more professional you can sign up for free hosting from sites such as 5gigs, ( click here ). You would then have to create your webpage on frontpage or a free editor if you havent got one. Finally you would have to upload all the files onto 5gigs.

You could also download a free website template (google it). Then you edit all the information and pics. Then again upload it to 5gigs or likewise.

  Atc123 09:48 30 Sep 2006

Microsoft are also doing a beta of Office Live. this gives you a domainname e.g. click here

It also gives you an online editor.

If you decide to go the other way, there are sites such as "click here" and "click here" that offer free domains.

  podlod 12:07 30 Sep 2006

Hi atc123, thanks for the info even though at the moment its a bit confusing, and the only other prob I have is that the info you gave me on the website is in french, and although I can read french I would prefer it in english, so what am I doing wrong to get it in french??

  Atc123 16:22 30 Sep 2006

which site are you getting in french

  beynac 16:40 30 Sep 2006

If you sign up for accès gratuit with you get free webspace with no pop-ups or adverts. I get php and MySql. However, I don't know whether they still offer this to new subscribers. I'm afraid that the website is in French.

click here

  Forum Editor 17:01 30 Sep 2006

You're accessing it via a french ISP, and the server is detecting your point of origin, so it's serving you the French version.

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