Webroot Spysweeper Update Problem

  The Spires 12:28 18 Sep 2004

Has anyone else had a problem with todays update for Webroot Spysweeper? It locked my pc up.

  The Spires 13:43 18 Sep 2004


  reddwarfcrew 22:33 18 Sep 2004

It hasn't locked my pc, but spysweeper now crashes whenever I launch it.

You've ticked this - did you find the problem/solution?

  The Spires 00:12 19 Sep 2004

No, it seems it's a corrupted update, I assume this will be sorted. :-)

  reddwarfcrew 21:09 21 Sep 2004

any idea if this has been sorted and can risk the update again?

  ventanas 21:29 21 Sep 2004

I've just tried and was informed that there weren't any updates. Must have been withdrawan completely. This was before I saw this thread. Just lucky I guess.

  bertiecharlie 21:42 21 Sep 2004

I think it depends which version of SwySweeper you have. I've had a bit if faffing about with them of late and they gave me version 3.2.0 with another 12 months updates thrown in. I uploaded the latest definition file yesterday (no.397).

Apparently they are very slow to release new versions to existing customers but if you go to click here and click on number one and just follow it through, you may be able to get the new version. (Can't be more specific because I ended up dealing with them direct but I know someone who followed this advice and he got the new version with another 12 months updates starting from now).

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