Webroot Spy Sweeper

  daisy2bell 07:18 02 Feb 2005

Just dowloaded the trial version yesterday and it found about 30 items which Adaware and spybot didn't find.
I take it that it is OK to run this application, as I already have: Adaware,Spybot,a2,CCleaner,SpywareBlasterCWShredder, AVG and McAfee FW

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:46 02 Feb 2005

you have more than enough protection. Spy sweeper is OK but I find it tends to list every innocuous thing. Having too many spyware progs can be a tad paranoid.


  ventanas 08:47 02 Feb 2005

I use it, but do not intend renewing. I find it very overfussy and slow to scan. The new Microsoft Anti-Spyware is IMHO much better. I also have the anti-spyware products that you have, and have no problems with co-existance.

  [email protected] 08:57 02 Feb 2005

I used to use them all as well daisy2bell, but not one after the other - just the one which took my fancy at the time. Not sure it's paranoia though providing your PC time is not spent "searching". I tend to just use the MS freebee now and have stopped "checking the checkers" - gives me more coffee time ;-)waiting for DVD's to burn...

  Andsome 09:07 02 Feb 2005

Beware, there are several Spyware programs that offer a test version. These find multiple so called entries that the other programs do not find. The idea being that you will be so paranoid that you will pay up for the full version when your trial runs out. You are as well protected as it is possible to be, as long as you do a quick check daily for updates.

  daisy2bell 14:00 02 Feb 2005

Thanks guys. You will remember in another post I mentioned my BB conetion had slowed to a crawl, but since installing SpySweeper connection/browsing speeds are more or less back to normal. Does this make sense?

  Andsome 14:34 02 Feb 2005

Not really as far as I can see. Have you by chance also installed Crap Cleaner? This program made a hell of a difference to my Computer. I clear the rubbish off my computer every day with this, it takes all of about ten seconds.

  plsndrs3 14:46 02 Feb 2005


Installing and running Spy Sweeper alone should make no difference. If you have let it clean the entries it found on your system then there could be an improvement - but on Broadband it would have to be an awful lot of Spyware to slow it to that extreme.

I used this and think that it is useful to have more than one Spyware checker as some will miss what others don't. I deleted it some time ago in favour of Spybot S&D, just down to personal preference rather than any issues with the software.



  daisy2bell 17:58 02 Feb 2005

Yes, I do have Crap Cleaner

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