big staff 23:08 18 Mar 2005

Hi all, I'm selling a pc and want to delete everything from the hard disk except the O/S. Will Window Washer delete history etc. once and for all?

Thanks for any help.


  stalion 23:13 18 Mar 2005
  dogtrack 06:57 20 Mar 2005

If you are selling on, I would strongly suggest you format & reinstall the OS. Especially if you have been using an online banking service. Then, at least, you will be able to sleep at night. It only takes about 40 mins, from start to finish...a small price to pay for peace of mind.

  rawprawn 08:17 20 Mar 2005

Format, reinstall and then run Eraser to wipe free space. Im a belt and braces man myself.

  big staff 09:25 20 Mar 2005

Thanks for those tips guys, i'll reinstall to be on the safe side. I just thought window waher/ eraser would save me the bother.

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