Webplus- How to change browser colour.

  JAC13 23:57 28 Feb 2008

Can someone help me out? Is it possible to change the background (browser) colour? I mean the colour surrounding your webpage. If you antjacksonimages.co.uk you will see that my main page colour is grey and so is the browser page grey, I want to turn this to black. Can this be done?

  JAC13 23:59 28 Feb 2008
  Kemistri 01:19 29 Feb 2008

You should get a couple of very handy Firefox extensions: Firebug and CSS Viewer. Then you can more easily keep track of your own developments (and see what your WYSIWYG program is producing) and examine other sites to see how they have been built. If I remember right, you use WebPlus, but obviously I can't tell you how to make your desired change in that software: I can only tell you what to change in the CSS. For example....

body { background-color: #000; }

...and minor variations of that.

  JAC13 23:32 29 Feb 2008

Makes no sense to me Kemistri.....sorry.

This is what I want to do, notice the name is the background all around the main page....

click here

  Kemistri 23:48 29 Feb 2008

I can understand that you don't code by hand of course, but it really helps if you know the basics of how this works.

The area to which you refer is controlled by a "pseudo-class" called body, which refers to the <body> tags in the HTML. This is the area that fills the entire viewport and effectively sits behind your content.

WebPlus (if that's what you use) should give you the option to style this area of each page, but if it does not, then you can easily change the HTML file after publishing.

As I look at your source code, I see a body declaration in the <style> section of the HTML file. That's the section for embedded CSS. Its content is commented out at the moment, but just add my earlier example above the comment right after the opening <style> tag. If you want to use an image instead, add this:

body { background: url(path and name of image); }

The path might be ./images/example.jpg but this is dictated by where you choose to store the image. Again, if Serif does not allow you to add an image to the body, this is your only alternative.

Serif really should allow you to change the body colour and/or image, but if it does not, that is your solution. I really hope that's not too hard to follow, but I have tried hard to keep that as simple as I can. This is pretty basic as it goes.

  dinglepus 12:38 03 Mar 2008

Either on the page or master page. Right click on the background and choose (page) properties. Use background tab if necessary and change the page colour from there.

As Kemistri obviously does not know the answer to this precise question, I wonder why he/she replied to it.

  dinglepus 12:42 03 Mar 2008

Also, after publishing to file, try using Seamonkey from Mozilla to fine tune your web pages' html.

  Kemistri 12:56 03 Mar 2008

"As Kemistri obviously does not know the answer to this precise question, I wonder why he/she [it's "he" as it happens] replied to it."

Thanks for the utterly unnecessary comment. You don't just turn up and have a dig at those who help others. I provided a (correct) description of how to do it manually, since the fact that JAC13 could not find this setting suggested the distinct possibility that there might be no option to have different colours for the body and content div. This would not be entirely inconceivable, given the basic nature of the software in question.

  JAC13 15:43 03 Mar 2008

Dingleplus, it does give me the option to change the background but if I amend this it changes the page background and the browser back ground together. I cannot get it to just change the browser background.
Kemistri, I will have to have a go at what you suggest but I have to admit I dont completely understand your instructions however simple they may seem to you. I obviously dont know my way around the software confidently enough yet as well as not really understanding HTML code or where to place it. Many Thanks to both of you for your help.

  Kemistri 16:00 03 Mar 2008

If you can use an FTP program and have one available, you can make the change quite easily. I could give you an edited version of one of your pages via e-mail -- mail me if you that would help.

But I have to say that you might be better off not making any changes that you cannot perform within WebPlus, because your WebPlus project files will not have those changes and you're into re-editing the files (usually from the server via FTP) any time you update them. I think maybe you should stay with what Serif can change for now.

This is one of the reasons why the ability to change the source code from within a WYSIWYG app is such a good feature, because the changes will be present in the project, not just on the server.

  mco 18:20 03 Mar 2008

I havent used serifweb for a while but in other WYSIWYG programs the way to do it in really simple terms - and not best practice - but it works - is to bring up your page, choose its colour and then put onto it one big table that covers the whole page - then choose the colour of that table. I think (I say think) then that the table will be one colour and whatever colour the page was underneath will be the colour you get your background to be.Does that make sense? If not I shall try to find a minute to go to my old copy of serifwebplus and test it out.

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