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  Wardio 00:43 24 Aug 2009

Having a repeated problem. 1) Often find I can't access a website unless I reboot. 2) Once I've connected, after anything from 5 - 30 mins, I am unable to access a different page on whatever website I'm on and also can't access any other website until I reboot again. Actions I've taken include: replace modem cable, try different modem, full restore, resetting TCP/IP, using different browser. Actions my ISP (Tiscali)have taken are to repeatedly get me to do a "trace route" test and "ping" test. Grateful for any ideas.

  ened 06:18 24 Aug 2009

Sounds like an isp problem - especially as yours is Tiscali.

Leave it for a few hours and it will probably 'miraculously' rectify itself.

  ened 06:24 24 Aug 2009

If I was you I would run a System Restore ,to before you altered all your settings, in case you have inadvertently kicked something else out with all your changes.

I learnt a very long time ago that if you are happily trucking along one minute and then this happens (out of the blue), without any major actions from you, it is invariably the isp.

The only problem is they won't admit it. Either that or the 'customer support' people in Mumbai have not been kept in the loop!

  mooly 06:59 24 Aug 2009

Try this,
From an elevated command prompt type, ipconfig /flushdns and press enter.
This will flush the DNS cache.
Then type,
net stop dnscache and enter,followed by, net start dnscache and enter.

Elevated command prompt= type cmd into run box and right click cmd.exe and run as admin.

  Wardio 10:25 24 Aug 2009

Thanks guys. I had a funny feeling it was probably down to the ISP as this problem started after I'd started a new contract using their LLU at my local exchange.One of their "helpers" even asked me to change my password as if that would be a resolution! Blast! Mooly, what do you mean by "from an elevated command prompt"? I am running XP. Cheers

  mooly 11:00 24 Aug 2009

An elevated command prompt is one with administrator rights.
The above may well work without.
I think in XP it will be start, run, then type cmd and press enter. To run as admin you will have to right click cmd and select that option.

  Sea Urchin 11:01 24 Aug 2009

<< Mooly, what do you mean by "from an elevated command prompt"? >>

Mooly explains what an elevated command prompt is on the last line of the posting

  Sea Urchin 11:02 24 Aug 2009

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