webpage shut down

  jonnyg111 10:07 22 Jul 2012

When trying to open some completely safe applet from a trusted webpage, I get a message saying 'A problem with this webpage caused Internet Explorer to close and reopen the tab.' I can’t get any further than that. Is there some security setting I need to change? With thanks, Jonny Griffiths

  Nontek 10:33 22 Jul 2012

Please give a bit more information about your setup - what OS, what Webpage, what App?

What version of Int Explorer?

Someone will then probably be able to offer assistance.

  jonnyg111 11:16 22 Jul 2012

Okay, Nontek - Windows 7, Internet Explorer 9, the website I'm having trouble with is www.ibiblio.org/lifepatterns/, the applet is to run the Game of Life. Try to click on that link and I get the error message.


  Nontek 13:07 22 Jul 2012

Try putting .... https:// in front of the www.

I did not have any trouble opening that site.

  jonnyg111 15:02 22 Jul 2012

Sadly still not working, Nontek.I think the problem is to do with what's on the site - anything with applets won't open. Something on my computer is blocking dangerous content. I've tried Tools, Internet options, advanced, security, and I've ticked pretty much all I can, but still no joy.


  Nontek 15:35 22 Jul 2012

Java update

Try updating your Java!

  jonnyg111 23:09 22 Jul 2012

Okay, Nontek, thank you & good idea, I'll try that.


  jonnyg111 12:41 27 Jul 2012

That seems to have done it, Nonteck, fingers crossed! Thank you very much for your help,


  Nontek 15:47 27 Jul 2012

Great, thanks for your feedback.

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