Webpage display. Is this normal?

  mitsme 11:05 02 Oct 2006

I have searched through the forums & cannot find a thread that applies this can anyone help?

Some sites I view seem to show aligned to the left, as you look at it, with an epmty space to the right.

Can this be fixed by tweaking settings? Or Is It normal for some sites?

  anskyber 11:11 02 Oct 2006

Its normal, it depends on how the site is set up.

  anskyber 11:12 02 Oct 2006

An example click here

  mitsme 11:20 02 Oct 2006

Thanks anskyber.
That's exactly the webpage I was worried about. I have upgraded to a larger monitor & was concerned that it may have been incorrectly installed.

  anskyber 11:34 02 Oct 2006

What a bigger screen offers is the ability to have other things showing such as your favorites folders or history. click here

  mitsme 12:46 02 Oct 2006

I had a look at above link tried it out & the favourites sidebar overlapped the left of the page. Am puzzled how would I get page to move to right?

  anskyber 13:00 02 Oct 2006

Usually when you display the favorites or whatever the page moves over to make way for it. using the original BBC page as an example click here

  anskyber 13:04 02 Oct 2006

If you are on IE6 its view>explorer bar> check favorites and it should appear moving the page over.

  mitsme 14:00 02 Oct 2006

I have IE7 but mostly use the browser provided by my ISP which has bookmarks rather than favourites. Have been able to lock favourites centre in IE. Will have to wait until my ISP sorts out the IE7 compatability, I suppose. As I am dead chuffed with new monitor it's a minor irritation I can live with.

Thanks again.

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