webmail rejected- what's wrong with my IP address?

  mco 13:34 26 Jul 2005

tried to send email to friend on aol It rejected my hotmail email(that sometimes happens) so I used the one I use from a website I run. that was rejected with this
:click here

I don't get it! The original message I got mentioned an IP address that wasn't mine anyway and I don't send out loads of spam from my website. (It's hosted by Lycos - is it that aol is rejecting Lycos webmail not me personally or what?)

  recap 15:00 26 Jul 2005

Spamming can be blocked by just using the domain name, so if your domain name has been blocked by someone then I would suggest you follow the instructions on your link.

  mco 18:00 26 Jul 2005

but she hasn't blocked my domain name! Are you saying if someone else on aol blocks my domain name then my mate on aol will suffer the consequences?

  mco 18:03 26 Jul 2005

the message says 'we've received numerous complaints about spam coming from your IP address' I have never spammed anyone!

  octal 18:36 26 Jul 2005

Just a thought, are sending an email using an email client like Outlook Express? If you are you might be sending via your default ISP which might be blocked, rather than your specific address. For instance all 7 of my email accounts go via smtp.ntl.com even though the sent email address is shown in the headers.

I'm not sure if I'm making sense, but you might know what I mean.

  mco 22:52 26 Jul 2005

I'm sending the hotmail via hotmail webmail and the website email via lycos webmail - funnily enough tonight I tried a btinternet email via outlook express (which I never use cos I never use outlook express) and she actually got it!What that means I'm not sure.

  recap 09:37 27 Jul 2005

It possibly means that your lycos webmail account for some reason has a block on it from an outside source.

  Snec 09:50 27 Jul 2005

When AOLs Mail Control, or whatever it's called, gets the hump about something there seems to be no rhyme or reason. We've been with AOL for five years with no mailing problems at all until a few weeks ago.

My wife has a daily jigsaw from JigZone and they stopped coming so she mailed them and they said AOL was stopping them. They enquired about it and said they received from AOL "a nasty reply, suggest YOU contact them."

Didn't bother with that though as AOLs help (sic) peeps are rather lacking. Instead I just re-registered her via our own domain and got her jigsaws that way.

Then, one day AOL got sensible and 27 jigsaws arrived on one day. Gave her a headache, lol.

  mco 12:24 27 Jul 2005

lol! oh well, at least I know it's not just me!

  Gaz 25 13:02 27 Jul 2005

Is just renowned for it. Lycos's server probably isn't in the trusted list.

My servers and ISP have trouble sending mail to it as well.

  Kate B 14:04 27 Jul 2005

Something similar happened to a friend - in her case, the ip address she'd been assigned by her isp had at some point been assigned to a machine that had been sending out spam, knowingly or unknowingly. All she had to do was reboot the router, whereupon it got a new ip address from her isp and her mail was all fine and dandy again.

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